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Book Review Author: Leslie Sokol, PhD, and Marci G. Fox, PhD Last Updated: Sep 7, 2017 - 10:11:01 PM

Think Confident, Be Confident

By Leslie Sokol, PhD, and Marci G. Fox, PhD
Oct 6, 2009 - 1:56:19 PM

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( - Imagine a life without self doubt. It cuts you off at the knees, stifling personal growth and impeding success. Think of what you could accomplish if you stopped relentlessly second-guessing yourself.

THINK CONFIDENT, BE CONFIDENT: A Four-Step Program to Eliminate Doubt and Achieve Lifelong Self-Esteem (Perigee; October 6, 2009) will help you navigate life more effectively by replacing doubt with productive, accurate self beliefs. Authors Dr. Leslie Sokol and Dr. Marci G. Fox understand the lasting effects of a long-term lack of confidence. Through their experience working with clients and other mental health professionals, they’ve developed a program to reduce doubt by simply retraining your brain. Dr. Sokol and Dr. Fox are two of the most renowned authorities in this field.

THINK CONFIDENT, BE CONFIDENT offers a cognitive therapy-based program, which is the most common and powerful form of psychotherapy practiced worldwide today. Demonstrated in hundreds of research studies to be effective in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and relationship issues among other psychological problems, cognitive therapy focuses on helping you modify your thinking so you can maintain lasting changes in your behavior. The book is a practical guide broken down into four steps to conquer doubt. Through interactive and workbook-style exercises, you’ll learn to overcome all types of self-limiting behavior. By identifying and changing dysfunctional thinking we can recognize the tricks the mind plays in sabotaging our efforts to be confident, assured beings.

Leslie Sokol, PhD, director of education and one of the principal instructors with the Beck Institute of Cognitive Therapy and Research, is a highly acclaimed national and international lecturer. Marci G. Fox, PhD, is a senior faculty member in the Beck Institute’s training program. They are both licensed psychologists and experts in cognitive therapy and have worked closely for many years. Dr. Sokol’s private practice is located in Boca Raton, Florida. For more information, visit their website at


A Four-Step Program to Eliminate Doubt and Achieve Lifelong Self-Esteem

By Leslie Sokol, PhD, and Marci G. Fox, PhD

Perigee Trade

October 6, 2009

US $14.95/ Canada $18.50

ISBN: 978-0-399-53529-1

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