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The premier electronic health news network!

The network delivers an estimated 30 million impressions a month to consumers seeking the latest health news. Each Monday morning, we publish 40-50 new stories covering breaking news, features on health, science and the environment, interviews with leaders in these fields, original content, commentary from contributors, “Letter’s to the Editor” and more.

Content distributed by HND reaches the following audiences:

  • site (6 million impressions)
  • AvantGo hand-held device ( users - 20 million impressions)
  • OB/GYN network (1.3 million impressions) This network is comprised of 360 doctor sponsored sites. Approximately 70% of the sites are for women’s clinics/ob/gyn’s, the remaining 30% of the sites are for general practioners.
  • site (3 million impressions) This site is devoted to cosmetic surgery.
Bonus distribution is achieved in the following ways:
  • Content is distributed to hundreds of health-related sites on an individual basis through CBSMarketWatch. Sites that typically pick up HND releases include: Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Carewise and Life Extension Foundation.
  • The audience for HND includes 900+ members of the press who have been given permission to use any or all of the information they find on the site. This frequently results in bonus distribution in newspapers, such as the “Wall Street Journal”, newsweeklies – “Time” and “Newsweek”, consumer magazines like “Woman’s Day” ,"Good Housekeeping" and on national and local television news, such as CNN , NBS, ABC and CBS.
  • HND content is also available overseas through satellite feeds.We have daily feeds to Latin America and The United Kingdom, and twice a week we go to Africa and Asia.
Advertising Opportunities:
  • Lead Banner - Our lead banner on our Front Page. We average 2,260,000 hits per week. Over 30 million impressions per month.
  • Banners/Boxes - On the front page.
  • News-Zipper - which scrolls the top 5 news stories for each week's issue.
  • Story Sponsor - Your banner ad on all 40+ stories that are published each week. When a reader clicks on any story, the first thing they see above the story is your ad!
  • Syndication Sponsor: is the Health News Channel on AvantGo, the hand-held palm corder with registered users! A corporate sponsorship tag line is yours on all stories syndicated each week!
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*** Since January 2004, has been experiencing on average, 3,500 new subscribers per month!

Please contact Michael J. McCurdy, Publisher of for current rates: Michael J. McCurdy
1461A First Avenue
New York, NY 10021
Office phone: 877.634.9180
[email protected]
[email protected]

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