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Forecast Author: Staff Editor Last Updated: Dec 2, 2017 - 9:00:41 AM

Cloudbreak Health CEO Jamey Edwards Offers Telehealth Forecasts for 2018

By Staff Editor
Dec 2, 2017 - 8:57:22 AM

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( - Jamey Edwards, co-founder and CEO of Cloudbreak Health, predicts that 2018 will see significant adoption of telehealth programs. “Telemedicine is moving through a tipping point from pilot projects to broader adoption. While a grant may have allowed a health system to dip their toe in the water, many are now looking to scale investments in telemedicine platforms to enhance patient care, drive more engagement and create a return on investment.”

Key areas Edwards thinks will drive the market in the coming year include:

  • Increases in remote patient monitoring (RPM), or telemonitoring, to reduce readmissions of chronic care patients and at-risk populations. Developments in intelligent apps and home lab testing devices will work with expanding telehealth services to allow those with chronic conditions to manage treatment without frequent in-person doctor visits.

Jamey Edwards explains, “by monitoring vitals regularly and sending readings and threshold notifications directly to providers, outlier results can be identified and proactive care administered before the patient requires hospitalization. Remote patient monitoring will help drive better population health and improve patient outcomes by expanding the continuum of care from clinical facilities to the home and workplace.”

  • Dramatic increase of mental health services provided via telemedicine and a higher adoption of Telepsychiatry. The Department of Defense has requested an additional $15.7 million for 2018towards telehealth and much of this will be earmarked for PTSD and other mental health services veterans are experiencing. High profile advocates such as Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, M.D. have laboriously lobbied for expanding telehealth access among veterans to improve mental health services.

“For psychiatric care, it’s all about increasing access. Telepsychiatry provides ready access to mental health professionals and psychiatrists where and when patients need them most,” says Jamey Edwards, CEO of Cloudbreak Health. “Telepsychiatry prevents patients from languishing in the hospital while waiting for a psychiatric evaluation and elevates patient outcomes by working with traditional methods to provide convenient, affordable access to mental health resources that may have otherwise been out of reach due to location, cost or time and situational constraints. Regular at home access helps people maintain a normalized mental health status and reduce the likelihood of a hospitalization in the first place.”

  • Expanding opportunities for providers to offer services across borders. Access to American medical care is desired internationally, and telemedicine enables U.S.-based providers to expand their offerings and expertise overseas, often where premium medical care is less accessible. This is also true of the variations in care level state-to-state, where those in “healthcare deserts”, both urban and rural, suffer without access to specialized or even primary care.

“Providers and organizations are eager for opportunities to reach patients outside of the walls of the hospital and build branded healthcare networks that allow them to leverage their care expertise across a broader patient population,” says Edwards. “Telemedicine allows this desired doctor/patient connection, enabling a health system to provide a full continuum of care regardless of location. It also allows for a seamless and collaborative exchange of information between providers to facilitate precision care teams of specialists aimed at treating a patient’s specific combination of conditions.”

To arrange an interview with Jamey Edwards, contact Ashley Ray at [email protected] or 310-824-9000.

About Cloudbreak Health, LLC

Cloudbreak Health provides more than one million minutes of telemedicine consultation each month and links to the Cloudbreak Telehealth Marketplace with thousands of providers. Performing over 75,000 encounters per month at over 700 hospitals, the Cloudbreak platform simplifies how providers care for patients, putting a full care continuum at their fingertips 24/7. Learn more at

Cloudbreak’s MarttiTM platform has provided more than 26 million minutes of medical interpretation to upwards of two million in more than 250 languages (including American Sign Language) via live video or telephone.  Nearly 60 languages are available in live video – the largest video offering in the industry. Breaking language barriers is vital in ensuring quick and accurate communication. For more information, visit


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