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June M. Lay M.S. - Certified Lifestyle Counselor®

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THIS is CREATIVE Eating, a new concept of eating, thinking and behaving leading to permanent weight loss. Follow June through her personal journey of transformation with her inspirational story. Follow her through her professional experience as a fitness trainer, weight loss specialist and behavior specialist, with all the tools of her program, her best weight loss & fitness tips, recipes, menus and more. Featuring her philosophy of a "Salad a Day", start today to become leaner and healthier, no matter what your age or weight.Read this book cover to cover, and then use it as a tool, one tip, one chapter, and one day at a time. "Support is Key, Surround Yourself", is a Junefit tool, and when you become part of the Junefit program, June's voice will continue to give you support through her e-mail weekly tips. It will change your life.

Excerpt from Introduction
In my opinion, cooking and eating are among our greatest sources of pleasure aside from them being a life necessity. "Food Feeds our Senses" is one of my tips, and it does from our sight, sense of smell, taste, and sense of texture when we eat. Yet, too many of us are at odds with food. We love food, yet feel controlled by it. It arouses fear, anxiety, and a host of negative emotions along with the temporary pleasure we derive from it. Too many of us are afraid to obsess about food, yet we do. Too many of us learned somewhere down the line to feed our emotions with food, and I always tell my clients that if overeating didn't have so many drawbacks from the negative effects to our physical health, mental health, and appearance, it would make a wonderful coping tool.

Today, women are more concerned with their health, weight, fitness and appearance including anti-aging than ever before, and girls are starting to diet earlier than ever before. We're also bombarded with more nutrition information, more diets and dieting gimmicks than ever before. Hence too many of us are more confused than ever before about how to lose weight, keep it off and be healthy at the same time. I read somewhere the saying that all diets work if we work them, but I'd like to say that not all diets are equal. Not all diets lead to permanent weight loss, nor are all diets healthy. We turn to doctors for credibility, or fitness gurus who look the part, both leading us down a path that may or may not be credible.

Not all diets are satisfying either, and just the word "diet" can stir up cravings for the most fattening high calorie dense foods. I have witnessed this with some of my clients eating foods that they don't particularly love just because they are "the restricted foods" or the "foods we customarily celebrate" with. I have listened to clients tell me that they avoid certain foods that are known for their health benefits when they do want to feed an emotional craving or celebrate, because healthy foods don't meet the forbidden purpose. Hence I wrote, "It's in Our Perceptions", specifically addressing this.

I myself remember my first attempt at losing weight, but I don't remember all the different diets and weight loss efforts I made over the years; there were just too many to remember. I do remember always being on a diet up until about a decade ago. "It's a Process" is one of my mottos and looking back, I can apply this to myself. Like so many young women, I had an ideal body image in mind when I was a teen. Looking at the magazine models gave me a specific picture of what I thought my body should look like. In fact, as I tell my story later, you'll read how at the age of 16, I took drugs to lose. I spent much of my adult life on a diet trying to match that body in the magazine until this last decade where I found a way of eating that I enjoy, "My Salad a Day". It forms the foundation of my creative eating program, it maintains my weight, I feel really good about, and best yet, it is not a diet, a traditional one that is.

I'm pleased to share my personal journey along with my professional experience so that the process of finding a creative way of losing is much shorter for you my reader than it was for me.

I've worked with women from 10 Lbs. overweight to over 100 Lbs. overweight, and we all share the ups and downs of finding a permanent weight that we can feel good about. I often tell my clients that I have rarely met a woman who feels great about her weight or body including women who are not overweight, so for those of you who struggle with weight issues, I do understand. I was overweight myself, and I'm here to say that it is never too late to start the change process. The biggest changes in my body didn't begin until after 40, so let's begin.

I've compiled my best tips and more, to share how, without dieting. I call it "Creative Eating". I consider eating an art, and finding a way to eat to lose as a challenge, hence "It's Not a Diet", It's Creative Eating". I've written this book so that it may be read cover to cover as well as read by individual chapters that stand -alone to be used as a tool when needed.

Many times I repeat concepts in different tips, and you will find recurrent themes, sayings, mottos and more, repeated throughout. This may be repetitive, but research shows that repetition helps prime us for change. I call it "gentle" brainwashing! I love "Creative Eating and Not Dieting". My clients agree and I hope you my reader will too.

About June Lay M.S
As founder and director of The Nutrition Center located at the Eastside Kinesthetic Center in New York City, June M. Lay M.S. provides personal training, and behavioral/cognitive counseling in weight management. June's unique background includes her educational and practical experience that spans Exercise Science, Nutrition, and Behavioral Science. She is certified as a Lifestyle Counselor, Adult Weight Management Specialist, and Health & Fitness Specialist. She has her diploma in Nutrition from the Huntington College of Health Sciences and a B.S. in Behavioral Science from the New York Institute of Technology. She completed her graduate studies at Rosalind Franklin School of Medicine and Health Sciences with an M.S. specializing in Women's Health.

Practicing since 1983 and writing Health & Fitness Tips as Junefit since 1998, she is a Lifestyle Columnist for Health News Digest; a supporting organization of "Exercise is Medicine" an initiative founded by the American College of Sports Medicine and The American Heart Association to advance the cause of Exercise as medicine. Her website is Google ranked for credibility among the "Top Women Health Resources".After years as a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and a "reformed overeater" herself, June developed her philosophy of "Creative Eating versus Dieting" which addresses behavior patterns as habits that can be changed.

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