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Vaccine Issues Author: Staff Editor Last Updated: Sep 7, 2017 - 10:06:33 PM

Autism Awareness: Addressing the Vaccine Argument

By Staff Editor
Apr 15, 2015 - 7:00:16 AM

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( - There are numerous arguments that seem to be constantly circulating about whether vaccines can be attributed to autism directly or whether it has an influence on the level of severity.

These are all tough questions to answer but in raising autism awareness, we need to try and understand the inoculation-autism connection and address the many issues and questions surrounding autism and brain injury.

Biological clues

Starting on a positive note. A recent study completed by Yale University suggested that their research may have found the key to unlock the biological secret of what causes the onset of autism in some people.

It will still take a good number of years to make significant progress in this sphere but at least researchers have discovered that a gene known as CHD8, which is strongly linked to autism, can control the expression of other genes as well.

This is why they are now working on further gene studies to determine the level of impact that CHD8 has. There are still ongoing investigations regarding vaccines and brain damage or autism and this is an area where there is still a lot of conjecture.

Vaccine-related brain damage

There have been a number of cases where a personal injury lawyer has been called into action in relation to vaccine-related brain damage compensation cases.

There has been an estimated 1,300 documented cases where vaccine-related brain damage cases have actually been compensated in the courts, but the debate continues as to whether there are attributable links between vaccines and autism.

The medical term for brain damage is encephalopathy and the arguments still persist whether vaccines subsequently lead to autism, which is a behavior problem triggered by brain damage.

Medical opinion

Many medical experts consider that the weight of evidence suggests that vaccines do not cause autism, although these same experts will often also concede that there are some rare examples where vaccines do lead to brain damage, so it is not a conclusive argument either way.

With regard to the documented court cases, it seems that if a claim is pursued regarding a vaccine causing encephalopathy, that is seemingly more likely to be successful than if you try to prove a link between vaccines and autism.

This legal approach is more about adopting a successful strategy on how to get the compensation you need for your child quickly by citing brain damage caused by a vaccine rather than trying to prove autism.

This does not mean that the vaccine does not cause autism but it seems that from a legal perspective, brain damage is easier to claim for and is no less tragic a scenario and difficult for any parent to deal with.

No proven link

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are pretty clear in their advice on vaccine safety.

Their advice on their website states that vaccines do not cause autism. CDC refer to studies carried out in 2011 by the Institute of Medicine on eight different vaccines given to children and adults, which concluded that with some rare exceptions, the vaccines were found to be perfectly safe.

CDC carried out a further study in 2013 which centered on looking at the number of substances (antigens) in vaccines that cause the immune system in our body to produce disease-fighting antibodies.

The result of this study was that there was no discernible difference in antigen levels for vaccines received between children with autism and those without the condition.

Some vaccines did used to contain thimerosal, but that ingredient was removed about 10 years ago in an effort to reduce levels of exposure to mercury and not because it was considered harmful, according to studies.

Doubts persist

Despite the fact that major medical groups insist that vaccines are safe and don't cause autism, doubts continue to persist as to whether this statement is completely true.

Many parents who have children with autism, are convinced that the vaccines given to their child have led to the onset of the condition.

There was a recent federal ruling where a Georgia girl was actually awarded compensation because it was believed that vaccines may have aggravated an underlying condition she had, which then caused her to develop autism-like symptoms.

The general medical opinion appears to be that although doubts persist, the benefits of vaccines outweigh the risks.

This is not a view shared by everyone, especially parents who have first-hand experience of autism and remain convinced that vaccines have definitely played their part in leading their child to develop the symptoms.

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