Trump Announcement on Opioid Epidemic a First Step but More Needed
Oct 27, 2017 - 2:10:40 PM

( - WASHINGTON – President Trump’s declaring the opioid epidemic a national health emergency is a critical first step, but it does not address the urgent need for more federal funds to fight this crisis, according to the CEO of the American Psychological Association.

“We applaud the president for declaring the opioid crisis a national health emergency, for which the American Psychological Association has been advocating,” said APA CEO Arthur C. Evans Jr., PhD. “However, this action does not automatically direct additional -- and much-needed -- federal funds to address this problem. We urge the president and Congress to direct more money to the states, which are battling this epidemic on the front lines.”

Evans called for other measures to stem the rise of opioid use, including: 

“It is critical that we provide access to affordable, quality health services and that our health care system embrace integrated health care, in which psychologists and other health care professionals work in teams to provide comprehensive health services. This includes working to prevent and treat substance use disorders,” Evans added. 

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