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Is Your Man Growing Moobs?
Sep 6, 2010 - 6:05:17 AM

( - Men suffer with their body image much the same as a woman does. There is a media type of perfection that men are influenced by that includes thin, tall, dark men. Most men don’t put the same pressure on themselves to reach that perfection or fit in, but men who have “moobs” don’t feel masculine or desired by women. Gynecomastia is breast development in males. It can happen at any age, but it is usually due to weight gain with adult males. Fat is deposited over the pectoral muscles, and this can make men appear to have breasts or moobs. There are diseases that can cause this development, so it is important that you go to your doctor if you have pain or other symptoms. With obesity being so common it is becoming more and more likely you know someone with moobs.

The clothing industry has realized they can make money from peoples’ insecurities. They now have shirts made of spandex for men to hold their moobs in. They also have a mature cut with shirts for men with moobs. Clothing industries have always had these clothing sensitivities for women. However, with a high divorce rate and more middle aged men dating, they are becoming more aware that guys, too, suffer with body image. What woman doesn’t have a pair of spandex, or transparent line panties, or bras that promote cleavage? Why should it be any different for men? No matter how technical the clothing industry becomes with holding us in or pushing us out, if you are in an intimate relationship someone eventually has to see your body. Any part of your body that gravity can affect, it will. The latest statistics project that by the year 2015 75% of Americans will be overweight. Can you imagine the moobs and sagging we will see in both men and women?

Here are some tips you can begin today if you feel badly about your weight or if you are growing “moobs” due to obesity:

1. Go to your primary care doctor. This is important because weight gain can be caused by many things. Although weight gain is the primary reason for moobs in adult men, it could be something else.
2. Get engaged in an exercise and nutritional program. Your local Y may be a good place to start. Some physicians have nutritionists on their staff; changing how and why you eat is a great place to begin.
3. Buy clothing to disguise your moobs and stomach. Women have been buying support clothing for a long time. Guys may feel less masculine when purchasing a t-shirt made of spandex, but if you are on the dating scene or just feel bad about your body, a clothing article can help you feel more confident.
4. When you are with your spouse, make it more about the time together than going to a new restaurant. Maybe instead of a full course dinner you could try appetizers. You will save money, and the time you may have spent eating can be spent going for a walk or talking with your spouse.
5. If you aren’t married, engaged or in the dating scene, remember the first thing that impresses people is your appearance. If you lack confidence regarding your body, walk around slumped over, or try to hold back, your first impression will not be favorable. It is much better to stand up straight, look your date in the eyes, and be transparent. Tell her/him you are working on a healthy life style and portray to that person that you are determined to make changes. Women want a “take charge” guy. Taking charge of yourself and being healthy is a turn on. Women would most likely overlook your moobs.

Being judged is never fair, especially when that judgment is primarily made up of visual cues. How a person feels about their flaws may accentuate the flaws. Try to begin a life style that will eliminate the flaw and derive confidence from your ability to follow through. Confidence is visual, also; most of us have been drawn to people who weren’t especially attractive, but their confidence made us want to be with them. –Mary Jo Rapini

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