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Tension Headache or Something More? - How to Know What Ails You
Oct 2, 2013 - 11:25:42 AM

( - A significant portion of the adult population suffers from occasional tension headaches, but how does someone know if their mind splitting headache is something much more? Dr.Jordan Pritikin a board-certified otolaryngologist discusses whether someone is experiencing a sinus headache or a headache misdiagnosed as a sinus headache.

Dr. Pritikin suggests completing a full evaluation to accurately label a sinus headache. "Too often patients are diagnosed with sinus headaches incorrectly since there are not guidelines for diagnosis and treatment," says Dr. Pritikin. "Doctors should complete an adequate workup to determine the cause of the headache. Treatment can then be more precise and targeted at the root of the issue."

According to Dr. Pritikin there are a few ways to notice the differences between a sinus headache or another type, like migraine or tension headache. "With a sinus headache, pressure is typically felt in the face and behind the eyes because this is where the sinus cavities are located. Tension headaches usually cause pressure around the forehead or in the back of the head and neck," continues Dr. Pritikin.

Dr. Pritikin continues to explain that people tend to wake up with a sinus headache, and it is accompanied with nasal congestion and discharge as well as pain worsening when you look down. "Even though a sinus headache will make someone feel horrible in the beginning of the day, the pain should diminish as the day goes on," says Dr. Pritikin. "Tension headaches will most likely start in the middle of the day and pain can last from a half hour to several days."

About Dr. Jordan Pritikin

Dr. Jordan Pritikin is a board-certified otolaryngologist at Chicago Nasal & Sinus Center, a private medical practice devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of nasal and sinus disorders. Dr. Pritikin is a Fellow of the American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery and attended Rush Medical College in Chicago, where he was selected to the Alpha Omega Alpha Honors Medical Society. Over the years, Dr. Pritikin has cultivated an interest in Rhinology, focusing his practice on diseases of the nose and sinuses, and has participated in clinical research exploring innovative therapies for chronic sinusitis. He has lectured at local and national meetings, developed informational and training videos demonstrating surgical techniques for the nose and sinuses, and has helped develop and refine instruments designed for sinus surgery. Dr. Pritikin and the Chicago Nasal & Sinus Center offer patients an unparalleled level of service, utilizing state-of-the art technology and innovative treatments while maintaining a thoughtful and caring approach. For more information visit


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