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Financial Health Author: Last Updated: Sep 7, 2017 - 10:11:01 PM

10 Benefits of Shopping Online During the Holidays

Nov 2, 2009 - 12:42:15 PM

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( - MISSION VIEJO, CALIFORNIA – Even if people are planning to cut back slightly on how much they spend this holiday season, an abundance of shopping will still be done. In recent years, many people have turned to the Internet as the place to do some, if not all, of their shopping for gifts. Online shopping has been growing in popularity each year, to the tune of billions of dollars being spent annually.

“Our business has thrived because of the benefits of online shopping,” explains PJ Bellomo, chief executive officer for “Sometimes people are a bit apprehensive about shopping online for the first time. Once you try it, however, you will find that you love it and will make it a regular part of your shopping routine.”

Some of the benefits of shopping online this holiday season include:

Avoiding the crowds. There is nothing worse than seeing the news videos of people tripping over each other and fighting for gifts when the store has only a limited amount of each selection.
Reducing stress. Going to the mall or other stores, driving around to try to find a parking space, only to discover that what you went there for is sold out, can be quite stressful. Shopping online lets you avoid all of that.
Finding a wider selection. Stores can only shelve so many different types of products, and so many of each one. Rather than finding something you like in a sales flyer and then trying to beat the crowd to get it, you can shop online and find that same item at a half a dozen stores, and it will be in stock.
Saving gas money. Driving around to different stores to find everything you want costs gas money. Shopping online avoids this expense.
Easily comparing. You can easily and quickly compare the cost of products at different stores online. Shopping at stores in person does not offer this convenience.
Getting more information. When you are at a store, you only have access to the product information that comes on the box. Online shopping usually offers you much more information, including user product reviews, which can be helpful.

Avoiding sales taxes. Shopping online will usually allow you to avoid paying sales tax on your purchases. If you are spending a lot of money, that can really add up.
Shopping whenever. Rather than trying to fit shopping at department stores into your busy schedule, you can shop anytime online, because they are available 24/7.
Finding stock. Shopping online allows you to find the items you want and need, rather than what happens to be on the shelves in a department store, which could be only an “out of stock” sign or rain check slip.
Saving time. Especially during the holidays, you have many things going on that keep you busy. Saving time by shopping online will free up more time for other tasks, or for simply relaxing and enjoying the season.

“Shopping online is also great because everything is delivered right to your door,” adds Bellomo. “And think of all the possible flu and other germs you will avoid by shopping from home. The peace of mind from that alone is invaluable, this holiday.” works with over 1,800 law enforcement agencies, as well as open box, over-runs, and other overstock items, allowing them to offer a large selection of high-quality, low-price items each week. Most of the auctions at start at just one dollar, and the majority end at less than half of what the item would cost new in a department store. They also offer a fraud-free guarantee, a 100-percent-satisfaction policy, and a return policy.

About was founded in 1999 by Tom Lane, a former police detective. His mission was to help law enforcement agencies solve the problem of what to do with recovered goods. Today, the company works with over 1,800 law enforcement agencies across the country to auction off confiscated goods that could not be returned to their rightful owners. To learn more about, visit the Web site at

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