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Cosmetic Surgery Author: Staff Editor Last Updated: Sep 7, 2017 - 10:06:33 PM

The Process of Hairline Lowering and Forehead Reduction

By Staff Editor
Dec 11, 2014 - 10:10:43 AM

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( - Today, approximately 20% of all women suffer from what is known as a "high hairline" or large forehead. This characteristic is a perfectly natural one for a woman to have, and often comes as part of their hereditary lineage. Usually, it is possible for women to seek out hairstyles that recognize the presence of a high hairline, and use specific styles in order to cover it, or reduce it. Although many people who have a higher hairline generally do not worry too much about it, excessive bullying in your younger years can help to make you more subconscious about the way that you look.

An excessively large, or high forehead can easily detract from your otherwise attractive features, and can occur due to a number of genetic factors, surgical procedures, or hair loss. Fortunately, women no longer need to deal with a high hairline if they feel uncomfortable with the way that they look. Hairline lowering is available to reduce the size of the forehead and make women feel more comfortable about their appearance.

Of course, similarly to other cosmetic procedures, such as revision rhinoplasty, a successful forehead reduction requires a great deal of skill and expertise. Only a small handful of surgeons within the world can claim the same degree of experience and talent as Dr. Sheldon S. Kabaker has had in hair restoration and hairline lowering surgery. From mini and micro grafts to plug grafts and follicular unit grafting, Dr. Kabaker knows everything there is to know about hairline procedures.

Candidates for Hairline Lowering Procedures

Typically, the best candidates for forehead reduction or hairline lowering procedures are women who have a particularly large forehead or high hairline, but otherwise have relatively thick hair. Individuals who suffer with thinner amounts of hair may still achieve fantastic results if their forehead reduction or hairline lowering procedure is conducted alongside other procedures, such as hair grafting or hair restoration.

Furthermore, if you struggle with excessively heavy or low brows, you might find that this form of surgery is useful in elevating your brows to a more attractive and natural position. Generally, hairline lowering surgery alone, will not affect the position of your eyebrows, but it can be done alongside other procedures.

Forehead reduction surgery is often recommended to be done in combination with some form of hair restoration or unit grafting, especially when it comes to improving the appearance of men. In women, forehead reductions are usually conducted by themselves and rarely require any kind of hair grafting. However, it is possible to use this procedure to shape the hairline and make it rounder if the woman is uncomfortable with her current appearance.

Hairline Lowering in Women

Hairline lowering surgery is best for women who have always suffered from a particularly high hairline or large forehead. Usually, as these women begin to age, these issues become accentuated, providing a masculine or balding appearance which often lower women's confidence. By reducing forehead size and lowering the hairline, the correct surgeon should be able to bring the different aspects of the face into a more natural state of balance. Generally, patients find that they not only leave the surgery feeling happier with the way that they look, but also more confident in their natural and every day state.

Dr. Sheldon S. Kabaker
Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplantation
3324 Webster Street,

Oakland, CA 94609


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