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Cosmetic Surgery Author: Staff Editor Last Updated: Sep 7, 2017 - 10:06:33 PM

Making an Informed Decision about Laser Tattoo Removal

By Staff Editor
Jan 5, 2015 - 3:19:46 PM

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( - Life is a strange journey for all of us, and it is constantly changing. What we think is a perfect idea one day may turn out to be something that we regret weeks, months, or years down the line. This is especially true when it comes to getting something major, such as a tattoo. However, as technology continues to progress, the available options for removing an unwanted tattoo are growing more versatile, ensuring that just about anyone can access the service that they need.

Of course, to have a tattoo removal done properly, you need more than just the right equipment. A patient who wants the perfect removal procedure needs to seek out a doctor with experience, expertise, and skill within this field. Dr. Stuart Bentkover, for example, is recognized as an incredibly talented doctor and surgeon. He has over three decades of experience within the industry of cosmetic laser surgery, and can effectively use lasers to treat various issues, including facial veins, wrinkles, tattoos, and brown spots.

Why might you want tattoo removal?

There are a number of reasons why you may decide that the piece of art you loved enough to get etched into your skin is no longer right for you. For example:

§  A change in your body type: if your weight changes and you have lost a lot of pounds, or gained a few, you might find that the image becomes contorted in some way.

§  Breakups: we all know at least one person who has tattooed their girlfriend's name somewhere on their body only for them to break up a month later.

§  Bad design: some unfortunate individuals get a tattoo as a last minute decision, without doing the appropriate research required into the artist they have chosen. This can lead to shoddy work and an unappealing design.

§  Job issues: if you decided to go the tattoo route when you were younger and on top of that put the tattoo in a visible location, you may find that later in life, certain companies refuse to consider you because of your appearance.

Laser Removal

Perhaps the best form of tattoo removal available today is the laser removal. When performed by a skilled professional, this treatment can take less than ten minutes in total. It is important to recognize that although this procedure is quick and potentially the most effective, it can be uncomfortable. Sometimes, applying anesthetic cream to the area beforehand can reduce the pain and make the experience more tolerable.

How the Laser Works

Dr. Bentkover uses one of the most advanced and innovative forms of laser available within the tattoo removal industry today, the Q-Switched Revlight. This laser produces what is called a photo acoustic affect, wherein the color of the laser is selectively absorbed into the pigments of the tattoo, causing a short pulse to shatter those pigments and remove the color. What's more the use of a flat top technology means that the doctor can carefully and evenly distribute the specialist energy from the laser throughout all aspects of the tattoo, so that you don't end up with an unappealing result.

Before your treatment takes place, it's worth remembering that you should see your doctor for a quick consultation so that you can discuss the potential success and process of removing your tattoo.

Dr. Stuart Bentkover
New England Tattoo Removal
123 Summer Street, Suite 675 Worcester, MA 01608
Phone: 508-363-6500
92 Montvale Avenue, Suite 3000 Stoneham, MA 02180
Phone: 617-247-0033


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