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Get a Leg Up with Fall’s Popular Cosmetic Surgeries
Sep 13, 2013 - 12:29:07 PM

( - Miami, FL September 3, 2013 - Women's body image trends are always shifting and evolving. From Angelina's full lips to the First Lady's toned and sculpted arms to Kate Middleton's defined tipped nose, pop culture and celebrities have a big influence on today's standard of beauty.  What body parts are everyone trending now?  It's the lower extremities including skinny thighs, less fat around the ankles and yes - even less fat around the knees.

The fashion industry has definitely been a big influence. From suit shorts and midi skirts, stylists are forecasting fall as the new "bare your legs" season.  "There's such a focus on legs right now," says Kim Marin, owner of Body Sculpture Centers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.   "All summer you went to spin, and you kicked it at bootcamp.  In other words, you worked hard for those legs.  Why hide them now?"

While the rest of the country is getting ready for cooler weather, in Florida, the fall season can bring temperatures in the 80s.  For many women, this means they can't hide their bottom halves under longer hemlines.

Chubb-ees - How to Get Rid of Chubby Knees

The newest craze to hit popularity seems to focus on a body part that may not be on the top of everyone's sexy body parts list: knees.  "As women age, the body tends to hold more fat in select areas," says Dr. Michael Rodriguez, a board certified cosmetic surgeon at Body Sculpture Centers.  "One area that is known to store fat is the knees.  When there's too much of it in the knees, the legs can look disproportionate, and the shape of the knees may appear distorted." According to Dr. Rodriguez, the knees can be treated with liposuction to get rid of unnecessary fat. "When it comes to the knees, liposuction acts more as a contouring procedure. When done right, liposuction to the knees can give good results and a barely visible scar."

Mind the Gap - The Thigh Gap Makeover

Women are seeking everything from cosmetic procedures to exercises and diet so they can widen the space between their inner thighs.  Known as the "thigh gap", women are seeking toned and slim legs like Jessica Alba and Blake Lively.  "When the body stores a significant amount of fat in the legs, especially the thighs, the body becomes pear-shaped, which can cause it to look bottom-heavy," says Dr. Enrique Hanabergh, a plastic surgeon at Body Sculpture Centers.  "The female body is just programmed to put extra fat there. Problem areas, like the thighs, contain large amounts of insulin receptors on the fat cells - the more receptors, the more of a trouble spot."   According to Dr. Hanabergh, while diet and exercise should always be your first line of defense when tackling fat, there are surgery options for when you need a little extra help - and liposuction is still the gold standard for exercise-resistant areas such as the thighs.

Ankles Away -  How to Get Rid of Cankles

When the calf meets the ankle and there is no distinction between the two leg parts, you have what's known as "cankles." "The fat in your ankles can be very resistant to exercise and dieting, and that is why it is so difficult to get rid of," says Dr. Rodriguez.  "Some women are simply predisposed to excess leg and ankle fat but lower extremity liposuction - especially for the ankles is more popular than ever due to reduced complications and improved technology."

What is LipoPlex QuadsculptTM Liposuction?

LipoPlex QuadsculptTM Liposuction is a FDA approved treatment that removes excess fat from a target body part, whether male or female. It was devised to enhance patient safety and comfort experienced during the procedure. 

LipoPlex QuadsculptTM Liposuction involves the doctor inserting a small tube or cannula into that specific body part from which fat is to be removed. When this happens, the cannula immediately vibrates and rotates at 10Hz, removing fat all the while. This helps to shape the body part perfectly. So, body sculpting is possible with the triple advantages of lowered edema, bruising and discomfort.  

At 10Hz frequency, the infrasonic vibration interferes with sending painful stimuli by activating the nerves that would normally send pain signals. Because of this interference the nerves get confused and no pain is felt, only a vibration sensation. This allows doctors to perform this procedure under local anesthesia. As soon as the fat is broken up by the whip action of the cannula, it is sucked out while the fat is emulsified, and the duration of the procedure reduced.

LipoPlex QuadsculptTM Liposuction can give you several benefits, such as:

About Body Sculpture Centers

What makes Body Sculpture Centers of Florida different from the rest? Our trade-marked LipoPlex Quadsculpt process. It is only available at Body Sculpture Centers of Florida. Our process is so unique it allows our doctors to attack the fat removal process from four different angles.  

We use a combination of laser, Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture, vibrational frequencies and a proprietary fat removal technique known only to our doctors. Our method is less painful and has quicker recovery times than traditional liposuction. In addition, we are able to use local anesthesia that reduces the risks known with going under general anesthesia. Because an anesthesiologist is not required for general anesthesia, we are able to pass those saving along to our clients. So you get the most advanced technique available for fat removal to date at an affordable price.  

The quality of the doctors at Body Sculpture Centers of Florida are second to none. Our clients have the privilege of state of the art equipment, most advanced fat removal technique and the best doctors.


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