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Enjoying the Benefits of Scar Revision
Dec 13, 2013 - 3:33:07 PM

( - Scar revision is a procedure designed to reduce the appearance of a scar. While a scar revision procedure can be done on almost any area of the body, the majority of patients who undergo the procedure do so to improve a scar on the face or neck. Many people that have scars on the face and neck area feel especially self-conscious about their appearance given their visibility. In some rare circumstances, a scar revision may be recommended if the scar itself interferes with function.

The presence of a scar is actually a normal part of the healing process for the body. A scar can appear any time after a wound heals, especially if it does not heal properly. Even if a wound does heal properly, there is still a chance that a scar will appear. Scars can take on a different size, shape, or color than the rest of the surrounding area which can make them very noticeable to other people, especially if they are on visible areas like the face.

Many people believe that once you have a scar there is nothing that you can do about it, but the truth is that there is something that you can do. Almost anyone can be a candidate for scar revision as long as they are in good health, do not smoke, and have no active skin disease or serious acne problem. People that have an active skin disease or severe acne problem are advised to rectify the underlying cause of the problem before undergoing a scar revision procedure.

Scar revision can entail a number of different treatments to minimize the appearance of a scar, including skin resurfacing techniques like dermabrasion and surgical techniques like Z-plasty and W-plasty. The type of scar revision procedure that you will receive will depend on the size, type, and shape of the scar. In some cases, a topical ointment can be prescribed to gradually reduce the appearance of the scar. In other situations, the physician may perform a minimally invasive procedure to reduce the appearance of the scar. Some of the most serious cases may require the physician to surgically excise the scar and create a fine-line scar in its place or relocate the scar to a more desirable position.

While scar revision treatments are definitely effective at reducing the appearance of scars, it is important to have realistic expectations about the procedure. Patients must understand that it is not possible to completely remove scars. In order to gain an understanding of which type of treatment you should consider, you will need to visit with a board certified plastic surgeon for a qualified assessment.

Dr. Anurag Agarwal and Dr. Richard Maloney are board certified facial plastic surgeons located in Naples, Florida.  For more information about scar revision and other facial procedures, contact the Aesthetic Surgery Center at 239-594-9100.


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