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Asian Eyelid Surgery
Dec 26, 2013 - 1:08:33 PM

( - Though eyelid surgery in Newport Beach, medically termed blepharoplasty, is commonly performed to reduce excess skin and tissues of the upper and lower eyelids, this restorative procedure can also be performed on unproblematic eyelids. During ethnic blepharoplasty, the distinguishing features of the eyelids imposed by genetics can be surgically altered. The goal for some is to appear more Westernized, but many others simply wish to enlarge and draw attention to the feature, much in the same way a small breasted woman may opt to receive a breast augmentation. This surgery is customized for each individual patient to ensure the best aesthetically designed eye shape for specific facial configurations.

Asian Eyelid Surgery (Asian double eyelid crease surgery)

Most commonly, ethnic blepharoplasty in Newport Beach refers to Asian eyelid surgery (Asian double eyelid crease surgery) where an eyelid crease is enlarged or created in the upper lids, giving the eyes a larger appearance. The characteristically almond-shaped eyes are a distinguishing feature of the ethnicity, and creating a cosmetic change creates individuality in patients who so desire it. Ethnic blepharoplasty creates unique and desirable contours of the eyes, and following the procedure, the irises, or colored portions of the eyes, are more visible. Some women enjoy the added benefit of ease when applying cosmetics to their eyes, with the enlargement or addition of creased eyelids.

What can you expect during surgery?

During the surgery, the doctor will likely use the common technique of creating a series of incisions specific to that patient's needs. Though incisions are made directly on the eyelid, they can be skillfully hidden in the crease. The epicanthal fold that limits the exposed sclera, or white portion of the eye, can also be surgically altered as part of ethnic blepharoplasty.

The surgery can also be performed without the creation of surgical cuts the length of the eyelids. Instead, sutures are used to hold the skin tissues as desired. One issue with this form of ethnic blepharoplasty is that the sutures can come undone over time and may cause pain as this occurs. Though designed to create permanent results, the patient may need to revisit his or her facial plastic surgeon to undergo secondary procedures.

Cosmetic Surgeons In Newport Beach?

Dr. Batniji is one of just a few cosmetic surgeons in the Newport Beach, California, area who specialize in facial plastic surgery. The doctor utilizes the most up-to-date technology and methods to provide his patients with the best care and results possible. Call Dr. Batniji's office today at (949) 650-8882 to set up a consultation whether you're interested in ethnic blepharoplasty or another facial cosmetic procedure. If you prefer to contact the doctor through email, fill out the patient contact form found here


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