Choosing the Right Antihistamine for your Allergy Symptoms
Jun 26, 2013 - 12:14:23 PM

( - Allergy season is in full swing and the Midwest is facing one of the highest pollen counts ever. For allergy sufferers, knowing which type of medication will help relieve their symptoms can be a challenging task. Dr. Jordan Pritikin, a board-certified otolaryngologist at The Chicago Nasal & Sinus Center provides his insights on which medicine is right for symptoms.

"Over-the-counter medicines can be a lifesaver for allergy sufferers," says Dr. Pritikin. "Over the last decade we've seen great strides in the availability of effective OTC medicine for allergy season. To figure out which is best for you, I recommend a trial and error period to determine which dose works best with your body and provides the most relief."

Below are four common allergy medicines:

-          Zyrtec: As one of the most popular choices for OTC medicine, Zyrtec is an antihistamine that provides 12- to 24-hour allergy relief. Zyrtec helps relieve allergy symptoms including runny nose, sinus pressure or congestion, itchy red eyes and itching of the nose or throat area. "Since Zyrtec is a newer medicine it doesn't have the potential negative side effects some older antihistamines have, like drowsiness or dry mouth," says Dr. Pritikin.

-          Allegra: Similar to Zyrtec, Allegra is a newer antihistamine that will not cause drowsiness. Its active ingredient, Fexofenadine, helps combat runny nose, sneezing, itchy/watery/red eyes and itching of the nose or throat area.

-          Benadryl: An older generation medication, Benadryl works quickly but needs to be taken every four hours and isn't suggested for chronic use. In addition, it's known to cause drowsiness, which can act as a helpful sleep aid for allergy sufferers struggling to sleep. Along with traditional allergy symptoms, Benadryl helps with acute allergic reactions, such as hives. "Benadryl is known for its instant relief, especially with itching hives. Just remember to be cautious of dose if you have a full day planned since it will most likely cause drowsiness," continues Dr. Pritikin.

-          Claritin: Claritin boasts relief for both indoor and outdoor allergens. Its 24-hour strength helps allergy sufferers combat traditional allergy symptoms including runny nose, sneezing, itchy or red eyes and itching noses or throats.

About Dr. Jordan Pritikin

Dr. Jordan Pritikin is a board-certified otolaryngologist at Chicago Nasal & Sinus Center, a private medical practice devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of nasal and sinus disorders. Dr. Pritikin is aFellow of the American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery and attended RushMedical College in Chicago, where he was selected to the Alpha Omega Alpha Honors Medical Society. Over the years, Dr. Pritikin has cultivated an interest in Rhinology, focusing his practice on diseases of the nose and sinuses, and has participated in clinical research exploring innovative therapies for chronic sinusitis. He has lectured at local and national meetings, developed informational and training videos demonstrating surgical techniques for the nose and sinuses, and has helped develop and refine instruments designed for sinus surgery. Dr. Pritikin and the Chicago Nasal & Sinus Center offer patients an unparalleled level of service, utilizing state-of-the art technology and innovative treatments while maintaining a thoughtful and caring approach. For more information visit


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