Affordable Care Act
Who is Actually Signing up for Obamacare?
Jan 14, 2014 - 4:34:55 PM

ACA Misses Target Audience and Attracts Older Enrollees

( - Health insurance enrollment is rising with the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate in place. In fact, as of the end of December, more than 2 million Americans have signed up for government-subsidized insurance through federal and state markets. However, the figures released showed the majority of the new enrollees are adults ages 55-64, which may create issues for the future of low premiums.

According to Rob Wilson, president of Employco USA, healthy, young adults are vital to the success of Obamacare. "For premiums to be low, the system needs enrollees whose premium fully covers what they take out," explains Wilson. "Annual checkups and the occasional appointment for a run of the mill illness aren't going to break the system. Conversely, an excess of older enrollees with higher medical needs can eventually lead to instability in the system."

The government numbers suggest that 40 percent of enrollees fall into the 18-34 category to offset the cost of insuring older consumers, who tend to have more health related concerns. "The current enrollment for young adults is 24 percent of the total. While it's not the ideal 40 percent, it's not a big enough drop to impact the stability of the system," continues Wilson. "That being said, the government should focus a significant portion of its efforts on attracting their target 18-34 demographic in the coming months to ensure premiums remain somewhat reasonable for the bulk of Affordable Care Act enrollees."

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