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The New Internal Bra: Help for Sagging Breasts
May 21, 2014 - 5:29:36 PM

( - A new cosmetic surgery procedure that essentially creates an "internal bra" signals the end to sagging breasts for women who have had breast reductions or lifts. The OrbiShape Breast Support system acts like an implanted push-up bra or sling for breast tissue. The chief operating officer of Orbix Medical, the company that produces OrbiShape, says that the system is essentially a hammock that sits beneath the breast to support the breast tissue, much like an underwire bra.The OrbiShape Breast Support system has been approved for use in Europe but not yet by the FDA for use in the US.

The OrbiShape is not considered an alternative to a traditional breast lift, rather an addition to the lift to maintain the results of the lift procedure.

The OrbiShape Procedure

The OrbiShape system uses a bra-shaped silicone cup or sling that fits inside the breast tissue, approximately 1 centimeter below the skin. This cup is placed into the breast tissue through a small incision. The sling is attached to the ribs and breastbone with titanium anchors and surgical threads. The entire procedure takes approximately 45 minutes.

With this system, patients heal faster than they would with traditional breast surgery. The procedure also reduces appearance of scars and does not interfere with mammograms.

While the cost may be higher than traditional breast implants, the internal bra will keep the breasts from sagging for up to 10 years, more than the results of a traditional procedure. The system also reduces scarring that may occur after a lift or reduction because it supports the weight of the breasts, reducing pressure on the skin.

Who Can Benefit From This Procedure?

Women who could most benefit from this new procedure include:



While this internal bra is generally used to correct or augment breast enhancement surgery, it is certain to be used more and more as a first-time procedure for augmentations due to its ability to prevent common problems with traditional lifts and augmentation

Dr. Jan Zemplenyi is a cosmetic surgeon and owner of the Bel-Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery in Bellevue, WA where he has been preforming breast augmentations since 1989.



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