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Travel Author: Staff Editor Last Updated: Sep 7, 2017 - 10:06:33 PM

A Healthy Travel Diet

By Staff Editor
Oct 7, 2016 - 4:03:07 PM

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( - I travel a lot for work - I'm frequently in the airport at least 30 times a year and hit almost every major US city.  I also really care about my health and consider it a priority to eat healthy despite the circumstances - after all, as the famous expression goes, no matter how far you run, you can't outrun your fork.  Diet is about 80% of looking good and staying in shape, and working out accounts for the remaining 20%.

What's a (travelling) guy to do?  I've outlined a few restaurants that have locations all over the country and still have healthy, tasty selections.  I know that I can always find one of these restaurants no matter my destination, and that if I do, I'll know just what to order.

Chick-fil-A - Chick-fil-A has more than 2,000 locations and is spreading throughout the country, especially in the southeast United States. I know that the Chick-fil-A menu has a lot of fried foods on it. But the go-to meal there is the chargrilled chicken sandwich. It clocks in at only 300 calories and still has 29 grams of protein. If I'm looking to eat something super healthy, I can drop the bread and order the Chargrilled Chicken & Fruit Salad or the Chargrilled Chicken Garden Salad - both of them have 22 grams of protein, and they have 230 and 180 calories respectively. Sometimes I'll order one of each (guilt free).

Maggiano's Italian eatery also has a number of healthy items on the menu.  On their nutrition menu they have a number of "Lighter Take" items that have between 500-700 calories and are packed with protein.  Maggiano's has almost 100 locations, mostly in the Northeast United States.

It can be challenging to eat low calorie Italian food that's still tasty, and I really think Maggiano's does an excellent job of keeping the meals at a reasonable size while still making delicious, healthy, and reasonably priced food.

A final spot, which has healthy food and is great for breakfast, is Au Bon Pan.  While Au Bon Pan is known for their pastries and breads, they actually have a decent number of wraps, sandwiches, and other options that provide a full meal without too many calories.

The restaurant has a number of healthy and delicious wraps that are outstanding.  I especially like the Garden & Avocado wrap, which is only 370 calories, as well as the Napa Chicken with Avocado wrap (490 calories, 24 g of protein).

With this list of places, I feel free to travel to almost any major city and know that my waistline won't grow while I trave.  It's important to have a plan when travelling, and to find healthy items at chain restaurants.  If you get too hungry, you'll end up eating just about anything (trust me, I know from experience) so the best thing you can do to stick to a healthy diet is to never let yourself get to that state.  While it's harder to do when travelling, it is possible.


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