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'Road Buzzed: Impaired Driving' is Newest Free Program from The National Road Safety Foundation
Jan 21, 2014 - 11:43:25 AM

( - NEW YORK, Jan. 21, 2014  --  The National Road Safety Foundation, a non-profit organization that produces and distributes free programs on traffic safety, has launched its newest program that deals with an issue that is responsible for thousands of teen deaths every year.

The free program, "Road Buzzed: Impaired Driving," takes a look from a teen's perspective at impaired driving, which traffic safety officials say is a factor in one of three fatal traffic crashes, killing someone every 48 minutes.

The program, in Powerpoint format, includes a 7-1/2 minute video as well as a discussion guide and presenter's notes.  Designed to empower teens to prevent, avoid or get out of dangerous impaired driving situations, the program is broken into four segments.  One explains that impaired driving is more than drinking and driving, and also can be caused by illegal drugs, prescription and over-the-counter medications and fatigue.  The next segments discuss some common myths about impairment and show warning signs of alcohol poisoning, which can kill.

The program also discusses peer pressure and dramatizes scenarios where passengers may be at risk because a driver is impaired.  It shows ways to get out of risky driving situations without appearing to be a "wimp," which often stops teens from speaking up when they sense a dangerous driving situation.

The new program is available for viewing or download at the National Road Safety Foundation site,  Copies on DVD are also available, free of charge, by requesting them on the site or by emailing [email protected]

Founded 50 years ago, the non-profit National Road Safety Foundation produces traffic safety programs on speed and aggressive driving, drinking and driving, drowsy and distracted driving.  It distributes the free programs to schools, police and traffic safety advocates, community groups and individuals.  The group also sponsors contests for teens, with cash and travel prizes.  More information on the contests is at

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