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Sexual Issues Author: Staff Editor Last Updated: Sep 7, 2017 - 10:06:33 PM

The Importance of STD Testing

By Staff Editor
Feb 4, 2014 - 12:57:45 PM

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( - STDs affect people from all backgrounds equally. They are blind to the individual, their wealth, their background and their general health. These conditions can sneak under the radar, avoiding detection through a lack of obvious symptoms, and when left untreated they can lead to severe and lasting health complications. Testing early for STDs is an important step in their treatment. The earlier you can identify STDs, the more effective your treatment options will be. There are several different methods for STD testing. With the help of experienced sexual health practitioners, it can be possible for these tests to prevent lasting health damage and put you on the road to a full and successful recovery.

STDs are now prevalent across the US, with an estimated 20 million cases each year. The cost of treating sexual health complications is now some $16 billion annually and rising. Aside from that, the public health benefits to improved testing are well established. With some 8 different STDs posing literally life-ending consequences, this is a serious business. Only through effective protection and regular STD testing can these risks be brought under control.

STDs can result in a range of health problems, from the trivial symptoms of itching and discomfort through to infertility, cancer and death. While these effects can be unpleasant, it is essential that they are widely known to prevent their spread and effect from taking hold. Too many people are still unaware of the damage sexually transmitted diseases can do, yet they can have results that are among the most severe of any other illness or condition.

When left untreated, there are many STDs that can lead to fertility problems. Chlamydia and gonorrhea, for example, can quickly lead to infertility if they are left untreated. These are among the most common sexually transmitted diseases that will present in patients, yet their results can devastate the future lives of those concerned. An inability to have children can ruin life plans, and can prevent future family relationships from being formed. While these conditions can be treated effectively, when left to advance they can have these devastating consequences for patients.

Some STDs have been shown to lead to the development of cancers. HPV, or the human papilloma virus, is spread through sexual contact. It is responsible for causing cancer in both men and women from the cervix and the vagina to the penis and the anus. These conditions can themselves prove to be fatal, and so it is wise to think seriously about protecting yourself from these threats.

Other STDs and infections can have more directly deadly consequences. HIV, for example, is passed through sexual contact. HIV leads to AIDS, a fatal condition whereby the body's own immune system collapses with the certainty of death to follow. Testing for conditions of this sort is absolutely essential, due to the risk of contracting and then spreading what is a deadly virus. This should be of particular concern to high-risk groups, who will be more likely to come into contact with an HIV sufferer.

These conditions aren't going anywhere. If you have contracted an STD of any type, you must seek testing and treatment immediately. The sooner you identify an STD, the sooner you can treat it - whether that is with a view to curing the condition, or simply controlling the damage it will do.

For people across the United States, STDs are still an area many consider to be embarrassing. We don't like discussing sex, let alone sexual problems. On a personal level this is understandable, and society still forbids the frank, open discussion of sexual activity that many could benefit from. However, that is not to suggest that awareness isn't on the increase. Improving education about STDs and how they are spread is filtering through. Younger generations who are often considered high risk are now starting to show a greater awareness of these problems.

There is still a long way to go. People are coming forward in increasing numbers for tests, and STD testing centers in Nevada have never been busier. But it is still feared that many people are holding back, unwilling to discuss their intimate health with a professional. This cannot be allowed to happen, and any single case of cancer or death as a result of an unwillingness to discuss health issues is one too many. STD testing can be a case of life or death, so it is absolutely imperative that you put yourself forward for regular testing if you fall into a high-risk category.


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