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Plastic Surgery Author: Staff Editor Last Updated: Dec 15, 2013 - 10:00:54 AM

What If You Get a Cold After Rhinoplasty?

By Staff Editor
Dec 15, 2013 - 9:55:46 AM

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( - Rhinoplasty, which is more commonly called "nose surgery," is a very rewarding procedure that can leave patients with life-changing results. Many individuals interested in this procedure have several questions about the aftermath of rhinoplasty. One of them being: What if I get a cold after nose surgery?

Developing a cold after rhinoplasty should have no effect on the final results. Patients should just be a little more cautious and abstain from moving the nose or touching the sutures.

That said, here are a few simple guidelines to keep in mind:

What to Do

Oftentimes a cold will increase swelling in the nasal passages and cause increased drainage in the nose. Nasal saline rinse and over-the-counter antihistamine tablets can help clear passageways and dry up the nose while keeping it clear.

What Not to Do

Blowing the nose after a rhinoplasty is not recommended as this can irritate the sutures that have been placed in the nose and alter the overall shape. Gently blotting the nose should be acceptable, providing that patients do not move the nose when doing so.

With any plastic surgery procedure, be sure to remember that following the surgeon's post-operative instructions greatly decreases the chances of developing complications.

If you are interested in scheduling a rhinoplasty, please call The Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute at (703) 206-0506 today. Dr. Bitar and Dr. Centeno are both board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS).


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