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The Many Benefits of the Deep Plane Facelift
Dec 5, 2013 - 11:22:18 AM

( - As we age, our facial ligaments weaken and our skin loses its volume, often resulting in a dull, sagging appearance.  For patients looking to correct this type of facial sagging and restore their once youthful appearance, the deep plane facelift has proven to be the most effective cosmetic procedure in treating specific mid-face structures, including deep nasolabial folds and/or wrinkles.  The deep plane facelift is a plastic surgery technique designed to rejuvenate the mid face, lower face and neck area while also offering the most natural, long-lasting results. It is one of the most powerful and advanced facelift techniques for restoring the mid-face and neck by repositioning ligaments and tissues below the facial muscles.  The deep plane facelift is capable of elevating the mid-face better than any other facelift technique.


A deep plane facelift procedure typically takes between two to four hours and is performed in a hospital or an outpatient surgical facility.  Recovery can last from one to three weeks with most patients able to return to work one week following the procedure.

Patients looking for a powerful, effective facelift technique to address mid-face sagging should consult a highly experienced plastic surgeon to review individualized facelift options and deep plane facelift candidacy.  The Glasgold Group of New Jersey is internationally recognized for their compassion, skill and expertise in facial rejuvenation and facelift technique.  Their practice consists of two generations of expert facial plastic surgeons, working together to offer patients unique and enduring aesthetic results.  The Glasgold Group is skilled in the most medically advanced and cosmetically up-to-date procedures. With experience performing over a thousand deep plane facelifts, the Glasgold Group can safely achieve superior results and produce the most natural appearance with the greatest longevity.  According to Dr. Mark Glasgold, the deep plane facelift requires the highest level of training and technical skill, so while it may not be the procedure of choice for many doctors, the deep plane facelift produces the most natural and long-lasting results of any facelift procedure.

If you are considering a deep plane facelift in the New Jersey, New York or Philadelphia area, please contact The Glasgold Group at 732.846.6540 to schedule your initial consultation, or read more about the deep plane facelift.


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