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Plastic Surgery Author: Staff Editor Last Updated: Sep 7, 2017 - 10:06:33 PM

Revision Surgery: Four Reasons Patients Seek Repeat Plastic Surgery Procedures

By Staff Editor
Feb 6, 2014 - 2:36:54 PM

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( - In many cases, plastic surgery patients expect to undergo just one procedure to correct their specific problem. Sometimes, multiple surgeries are planned in advance and conducted over a measured period of time, so there are no surprises when it comes to repeat visits to the surgeon. For others, that one single procedure doesn't exactly work out as planned, resulting in follow-up appointments and even revision surgeries. There are many reasons a cosmetic surgery patient may opt for additional revisions to his or her surgery.

Surgery Results Were Not As Expected

When you invest the time and money into a cosmetic surgery, there's a certain expectation about what you will look like when the procedure is over. Sometimes, however, the end results fall short of what you expected or what you discussed with your surgeon. Before you presume that it's the fault of the surgeon, it's important to understand that a plastic surgery procedure isn't always as cut and dry as it seems.

Rhinoplasty, for example, is the most commonly requested revision surgery. It also happens to be the most difficult, according to plastic surgeons themselves. There are many technical challenges associated with reconstructing an area that is so delicate and intricate. Further, true perfection is necessary for a surgery like rhinoplasty, since every tiny asymmetry and the slightest of errors becomes obvious. Being in the middle of the face, a central point of focus, doesn't do the nose any favors. For this reason, there's added pressure to make the nose remarkably unremarkable in just the way the patient requests while also ensuring that the nose functions properly. Revisions are often requested after a rhinoplasty to get closer to that ideal.

One Procedure Becomes Two or More

In other cases, a plastic surgeon may plan ahead to perform multiple surgeries to achieve the desired results. While certain procedures can be done together in the same procedure, such as a face lift with the insertion of cheek implants, others may not be safe to complete at the same time. Doctors may schedule these out separately to ensure a safe progression toward your new look.

Still, unexpected problems can arise during surgery that may require your doctor to split your procedure into additional visits. If one piece of your procedure takes longer than expected, for example, it may be safer for you to come back for a second visit to complete the rest of your surgery. These situations are uncommon and improbable, but when they do occur, they will require additional visits.

Corrections Are Needed for Errors, Complications

Plastic surgeons are human, too, and sometimes mistakes happen. Of course, choosing a trustworthy, reputable surgeon who is known for their work can greatly reduce the risk that a mistake will happen during your procedure. Even still, facelifts are sometimes too tight or too loose, cheek or chin implants can be too large or too small, and other mistakes might happen. A rhinoplasty surgery is known, as mentioned above, for being one of the most difficult, which also makes it one of the most common procedures for mistakes. In rare cases, a deviated septum may occur as a result of surgery, which in itself will require a follow-up revision appointment.  In addition, complications may occur during the healing process which may compromise the end result and require a revision.

As Time Passes, Aging Keeps Happening

A facelift procedure can reverse years of the aging process, but it certainly can't stop the hands of time. For those who have had one facelift procedure, there may come a time when you feel that desire to take years off your look once again. This reason might be the most irritating on the list, but it is a quite common one. Facelift surgeries commonly become part of a patient's regular maintenance over the years, as time ticks away and aging takes hold. Revision facelifts, neck lifts, neck contouring, and other such procedures are one of the top reasons that new patients become regular clients over time. While still called revisions, they are really more like updates than a revision to the work previously done.

Where Can I Get A Plastic Surgery Procedure or Revision?

Whether it's your first time or you're looking for a trusted plastic surgeon to continue or improve work you've had done previously, it's imperative that you contact the right facility and physician. All facial plastic surgeries carry a degree of risk for small errors, so always discuss the possibility for revisions with your plastic surgeon before undergoing any procedure. Go straight to the professionals at Holcomb Facial Plastic Surgery, located at 1 South Street Avenue #800 in Sarasota, Florida, and ask to consult with Dr. Holcomb, the center's founder. As a respected surgeon specializing in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Holcomb is known for achieving natural and beautiful results for his patients. Call (941) 365-8679 for your private consultation with the Holcomb Facial Plastic Surgery staff.


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