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Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery Launches Concierge Medicine Service
Mar 11, 2014 - 6:09:59 PM

( - San Francisco, CA - March 11, 2014 - Jonathan Kaplan, MD, MPH, FACS, with Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery (PHPS), San Francisco, today announced the launch of a personalized concierge-type practice for his nonsurgical and surgical patients which will save them an average of 20 percent for treatment over 12 months.  Concierge medicine offers a return to "old style" traditional doctor-patient relationships with more personalized service.

"Paying for more care and better access is a growing trend in healthcare," said Dr Kaplan, a board certified plastic surgeon. "The genesis of concierge care developed after years of declining reimbursement forced doctors to see more patients in less time to cover their overhead. To reverse the trend, some primary care doctors sought a new way to provide personalized, time intensive care to fewer patients. We think this is a perfect match for plastic surgery, which is typically geared toward healthy patients who want and can pay for elective procedures."

The nonsurgical package includes:

The surgical package includes all of the above plus the cosmetic surgical procedure of choice.  It includes operating room (OR) fees for in-office accredited OR, anesthesia fees, implants, garments, cosmetic insurance and post-operative pain medication.

Dr. Kaplan said, "Most concierge cosmetic surgery practices focus on out-of-town patients traveling in for surgery. In that context, the term concierge was more about offering assistance with travel, transportation and booking a hotel."  He added, "My goal is to give the patient a total, all-inclusive package of services and greater access to a doctor, for a better value."

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About Dr. Kaplan

After completing his plastic surgery fellowship at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic where he was trained by the team that performed the first US face transplant, Dr. Kaplan practiced in Baton Rouge before acquiring Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery.  He is the founder and CEO of which offers consumers a complete database of procedure pricing for board certified plastic surgeons in their specific geographic areas.


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