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Plastic Surgery Author: Staff Editor Last Updated: Sep 7, 2017 - 10:06:33 PM

MyLooks: A Concierge Plastic Surgery Company that is a Game Changer for Patient & Physician

By Staff Editor
Nov 8, 2012 - 5:05:33 PM

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( - New York, NY – More than ever, health care delivery systems are shifting in the Unites States, and doctors are radically changing how they practice medicine. What is driving the trend? For one, providing health care is becoming increasingly complex. Keeping up with innumerable regulations from private insurers and the government, transitioning to electronic medical records (EMR) and caring for a growing population of chronically ill patients make it nearly impossible for a full-time practicing doctor to manage patients and a practice.

As a result, a growing number of doctors are partnering with corporations or group practices and transforming how medical care is offered in this country. This is especially true in the field of plastic surgery which is enormously competitive and requires a physician to have a great deal of disposable income in his/her practice to support daily operational expenses. MyLooks is a company that well understands the competitive nature of plastic surgery and is providing a way for doctors to still operate in a private setting while relieving the cost of debilitating overhead so that their physicians have time to focus on what is paramount: Patient care.

“In many ways, patients benefit from bigger health care organizations that offer higher quality and better coordinated care,” says Aman Datta, CEO of MyLooks, the first concierge provider that offers a suite of cosmetic surgery services for patients. “The trend away from small private practices is driven by growing concerns for doctors – from business hassles like payroll taxes and hiring and firing employees. With MyLooks, now they get to refocus on practicing medicine.”

What is MyLooks?
MyLooks is a multidisciplinary team of marketing and medical experts who have created a consumer-facing brand designed to help patients access affordable, full-service beauty and wellness options, including cosmetic surgery. Patients will have direct access to both a MyLooks health expert and to a personal board certified surgeon. MyLooks unites the top board-certified plastic surgeons in the most advanced medical facilities, offering the highest quality patient care at affordable prices. This is the new standard in today’s healthcare.

MyLooks Gives Plastic Surgery a Facelift
According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, plastic surgery is a $10 billion dollar industry with 9.2 million procedures performed last year.
“As one of the fastest growing healthcare markets, the revenue potential is staggering,” says Aman. “People wish to look and feel their best and cosmetic surgery is more mainstream today than ever before. However, the marketplace is fragmented. There is no clear leader and no trusted brand providing credible information to patients. The cosmetic surgery field is lacking a useful and well-designed online resource that further enhances patient care. By MyLooks, you're choosing to take control of your healthcare - and to provide yourself with the best resources, most up-to-date cosmetic surgery procedures and services, and to connect yourself with a growing network of elite physicians and professionals seeking to provide you with concierge medical consultation and information.”

Benefits for Doctors:
 Ability for doctors to collaborate with each other in a network of peers
 A well defined medical advisory board that supports the independence and authority of the doctor in the clinic
 MyLooks’ vision and philosophy of focusing on the artistic and technical sides of plastic surgery is cohesive with physicians; MyLooks understands it is an art as much as a science
 MyLooks’ focus on veteran and seasoned doctors to form the core of its medical expertise
 MyLooks’ ultimate focus on the customer experience to ensure that every touch point with the customer (Web, Google, advertising, call center, clinic, etc.) is consistent and focused on the customers’ needs and wants

Aman continues, “Our vision is to create a cosmetic surgery brand that patients can trust. Our extensive background in business and customer experience, coupled with our strong medical operation experience, position us to become the leading global brand in plastic surgery.”

Frequently Asked Questions
Where is MyLooks based? MyLooks Inc is a Delaware corporation with clinics planned across the United States. Our current expansion plans include office locations in Asia within the next 12 months.
Who are the investors behind MyLooks? MyLooks is backed by a private investment fund with a strong interest in beauty and healthcare as well as a successful track record spanning over 20 years in the ecommerce and online marketing space.
How will it benefit my practice to become a MyLooks doctor? By partnering with MyLooks, you get the freedom to focus on what you do best – surgery. Let us do the all the work of finding patients, managing day-to-day operations and running the clinic administration. Physicians will immediately benefit from:
 Top-tier brand association. We only work with the top board-certified plastic surgeons.
 Steady flow of patients. We do all the marketing and have a system in place to ensure a constant stream of quality leads.
 Guaranteed income. We give our doctor a base salary with an attractive incentive plan.
 Strong support system. We provide an extensive network of the top professionals in the industry.
 Opportunity to focus on surgery. We manage all your administration, finances, operations, and patients.
 Professional Web presence. We manage your Web site and online presence from an expert design, marketing and SEO perspective.
All of the above with no upfront costs or risks to you!
How does MyLooks differ from others companies of this kind? MyLooks is the first company of its kind. MyLooks is redefining the beauty and wellness space for both patients and physicians. MyLooks unites top board-certified plastic surgeons in the most advanced medical facilities, offering the highest quality patient care at affordable prices. Our financial strength, extensive background in business and user experience, our strong medical operation experience and quality of our surgeons, uniquely positions us to become the leading global brand in plastic surgery.
What type of access & communication is there between my practice and MyLooks? You will have direct access to the MyLook’s executive management including its COO, CFO, CMO and medical advisory board, who will address all your administrative, financial, and marketing questions and concerns.
What if I want to add another doctor to my practice? As we ramp up marketing in your region, we will need to bring on additional doctors. Our goal is to have two or three MyLooks doctors at each of our clinics. We will work closely with you to grow your team and prioritize your recommendations.
What if I want to move my practice location or add another office location? MyLooks is growing fast and we are opening clinics in major areas across the country. When existing clinics can no longer handle the growing patient traffic, we will move the larger facilities. If we see a need for additional clinics in the same vicinity, we will expand out. If you want to move a location entirely, we will work together to come up with a mutually beneficial solution.
Who will provide HR functions to my current staff? MyLooks will take on all HR related functions in consultation with you and the other doctors on your team to address human resource needs and evolution.
Does Mylooks provide training for my staff? Yes. Your staff will be integrated into MyLooks and be given access to all the training and support they need to perform their duties. MyLooks believes in employing the best to ensure patients get the highest quality care.
Does cover my malpractice? Yes. All MyLooks doctors will be covered under malpractice insurance provided by MyLooks
Does MyLooks order my supplies? Yes. MyLooks will work with your staff to manage supplies based on an centralized inventory management plan providing efficiency of scale.
Does MyLooks approve the purchasing of new equipment and products? Yes. MyLooks is always on the lookout for new equipment that will benefit our doctors and patients. MyLooks provides an annual budget for new equipment and our medical advisory board reviews additional requests.
Does MyLooks pay for my Web site and search engine optimization? Yes. During your tenure with MyLooks, your Web site will become part of our company’s portfolio. We will manage it strategically from an expert design, marketing and SEO perspective.
Does MyLooks pay for my advertising? Yes. MyLooks will assume full responsibility for driving patients to you. MyLooks will manage your calendar and patient scheduling and plan all marketing initiatives around those.
Does MyLooks pay my rent or mortgage? Yes. MyLooks will take over your facility and pay the rent/mortgage as per local fair market value.
What about leases/rentals/advertising that I have already committed to? Does MyLooks absorb those costs until contracts expire? Yes. MyLooks will absorb these costs. MyLooks will take on the responsibility for renegotiating or terminating contracts and all associated costs.
Do I need to provide monthly or weekly financial statements to MyLooks? No. You don’t have to worry The MyLooks Advantage:
Our focus is on providing the best customer experience in the world. From our first touch point on the Web or Call Center to our post-op care and follow-ups, we ensure that the customer is informed, cared for, and provided world-class service. We take the time to educate patients fully on their treatment options, so they can choose what’s right for their budget, health, lifestyle and wellbeing. We are there every step of the way to give patients honest guidance on the costs, risk factors, recovery time, and the results they can expect. Every member of our team of administrators, consultants and medical staff puts patient service and satisfaction first. We understand that surgery is only one part of the treatment process. Our holistic service takes patients from the consultation and education phase through treatment, post-surgical monitoring and follow-up care.
Quality & Safety
As an independent company, we are not tied to a specific clinic or organization. We are free to select only those surgeons that meet our rigorous standards for certification, experience, reputation, results, and safety. As a result, we coordinate patient care with only the most reputable surgeons and care teams at the most advanced, state-of-the-art surgical centers. Over the years, these surgeons have perfected various procedures that will enable us to reduce scarring, reduce time-to-heal, and minimize complications. We understand that our high-goals will entail a possible higher cost than some of our competitors. We are perfectly fine with that because we will never sacrifice quality and safety for profits ever!
We understand that cosmetic surgery for personal beauty is a discretionary expenditure and we are committed to providing our customers an easy-financing method of achieving their dreams. We have our own financing vehicle and can provide financing easier than most other financing companies. We always strive for affordable-luxury, providing high quality care at great rates.
Plastic Surgeons Trust MyLooks:
Our model is different from everyone else's. We partner with the doctors bringing the best of marketing and medical together. Our focus is on Safety and Quality and hence, we only court the top doctors with great experience and credentials to be part of MyLooks. This minimizes medical issues but also excites the doctors because their peers are other doctors whom they admire and respect. We encourage our network of doctors to collaborate together and create new processes to better improve patient care Furthermore, we have a medical board that manages all medical procedures and processes and supports collaboration across all clinics.
Doctors Partake in the Company's Success
Dr. Lawrence Korpeck is a board certified Boca Raton, Florida plastic surgeon and the most recent addition to MyLooks. According to Dr. Korpeck: “Becoming a MyLooks physician is one of the easiest practice management decisions I have made. Due to the competitive nature of cosmetic surgery in my market, I need to focus 100% of my time on practicing medicine and providing the best patient care. Being under the umbrella of MyLooks makes great financial sense and removes a large burden of financial, HR and marketing issues that they handle on my behalf.” In addition, Dr. Korpeck likes the fact that he is truly a partner in MyLooks and a member of their medical advisory board. His vision extends beyond his own practice to growing the MyLooks brand.
MyLooks long term business plans call for expansion into all of the largest regions of The United States and eventually Asia where cosmetic surgery procedures are increasing each year.
This is the chance for doctors to call us and do what they have always wanted to do: Great Patient Care. Together we will succeed and change the face of plastic surgery.
To learn more about please contact:
Katherine Rothman
KMR Communications, Inc.
(212) 213-6444
[email protected]

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