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5 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Keep the Breasts Beautiful
Jun 19, 2014 - 11:47:08 AM

( - WASHINGTON, June 19, 2014 -- Aging affects the breasts just like the rest of the body. Skin stretches over time and the breasts start to sag, while sun exposure causes age spots and wrinkles on the decolletage. Women commonly spend time and effort fighting facial aging, but often neglect to care for their breasts properly, resulting in premature breast aging, says Dr. Price.

"The skin of the breasts needs daily care just like the face does," says Dr. Price. "It is also vitally important to wear a properly fitting brassiere to support the breasts, especially while exercising."

Dr. Price shares these simple steps women can take to keep their breasts looking as youthful as possible:

1. Get a professional bra fitting. A well-fitting bra can help maintain the
youthful shape of the breasts. If a woman maintains a stable weight, she
should have a professional fitting at least once a year to be sure her
breasts are properly supported; more frequent fittings are recommended if
a woman has experienced significant weight loss or gain, been pregnant,
or had a cosmetic breast procedure, such as a breast augmentation or a
breast lift.
2. Wear a good sports bra. When caring for the breasts, it is especially
important to have adequate support during exercise, especially high
impact activities such as running. The breasts are made of soft tissue
connected to the chest wall by ligaments, and over time these ligaments
can stretch, causing sagging. Physical activity is important for overall
health -- and exercise is thought to help lower breast cancer risk -- but
wearing a supportive bra during exercise is crucial to maintaining a
youthful breast profile.
3. Moisturize and protect the breasts and decolletage. Just as women are
taught to use moisturizer and sunscreen on their faces to keep them
looking young and healthy, they should follow the same practices for the
breasts and decolletage. Creams and lotions designed for night use
generally have the right balance of ingredients to help protect the
delicate skin in this area. Women should also regularly apply sunscreen
to exposed parts of the chest to guard against sun damage.
4. Practice good posture. Poor posture can exacerbate drooping breasts,
while sitting up straight has a couple of benefits: it creates a more
youthful profile and makes the breasts appear bigger than if a woman were
slouching. Incorporating exercises to strengthen the chest, shoulders and
back into an exercise routine can make it easier to maintain good posture
throughout the day.
5. Maintain a stable weight. Weight gain causes the skin of the breasts to
stretch, and it may or may not shrink to its original size after a weight
loss. Yo-yo dieting should be avoided to keep the breasts at their
optimum state.
Although the aging process is inevitable, following these 5 tips can help maintain the elevation of the breasts and keep the skin of the breasts healthy.

When to consider a breast enhancement procedure
If the breasts show unwanted effects of aging, weight loss or gain, or pregnancy, there are a variety of cosmetic procedures that can improve their appearance. Sagging breasts can be lifted and reshaped with a breast lift or reduction, and a breast augmentation can help restore fullness to breasts that have lost volume.

Dr. Price recommends that a woman interested in making such improvements consult with a plastic surgeon experienced in cosmetic breast procedures who can suggest options for aesthetic improvement.

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