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Patient Issues Author: Staff Editor Last Updated: Sep 7, 2017 - 10:06:33 PM

The Growing Role of IT in Healthcare: Why it Matters

By Staff Editor
May 19, 2017 - 3:30:59 PM

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Healthcare technology is finally beginning to catch up.

Many providers have reached a point where they have no choice but to jump on board the tech train or be left at the station.

Centralized health records can be a literal life-changer for patients.

Considering how many different healthcare providers a person sees in an average year, it’s no surprise that any modernization and streamlining of the process is going to be a positive for patients.

Let’s take a look at the three main benefits that are derived from implementing more technology into the realm of healthcare.

Greater accessibility

Electronic Healthcare Records, EHR software, and other technology solutions are helping providers to access the necessary information about their patients more quickly and easily.

Here’s an example of how this can be a huge benefit. How much easier is it if patients have the ability to update their own personal information and access their own files via their tablet, laptop, smartphone, or desktop?

Better care can be provided in a shorter amount of time when physicians and other medical professionals can get themselves up-to-date on a patient’s latest information right away.

Streamlining of essential processes

Though healthcare is a fast-paced environment, the way that data is collected and shared has been lagging in contrast.

The result of this slowed processing is that it places a drag on the transmission of excellent care.

When a patient can enter their own information into the system it keeps another staff member from having to manually enter it all.

It allows the care a physician can provide to be both more relevant and personalized.

For example, simply making the change from paper forms to online forms can make a drastic improvement in efficiency.

The ultimate goal for everyone involved should be care that is seamless from provider to specialist, pharmacist, or any other discipline along the way.

Accuracy and safety of data collection

While HIPAA laws need to be adhered to, the benefits of IT in healthcare greatly outweigh any risks.

There are a number of ways that digitally-collected patient data can be kept safe.

The truth is, the data that is collected online is more secure than it is in paper form.

Because handwritten information has to be manually entered into a computer system, there is a much higher likelihood for mistakes to be made. There’s a high level of vulnerability to human error.

Many forms of EHR software have validation safeguards that prevent inaccurate or incomplete information from being entered.

Obviously, keeping correct patient records is of vital importance.

Errors can be costly and downright dangerous. Any system that can lower the risk of mistakes is a step in the right direction.

Patient-centric care

The term “patient-centric care” seems like it should be fairly obvious. Why else would there be a need for healthcare, right?

Issues arise when the care of patients is compromised by processes that are time-consuming and actually take the focus away from the immediate needs.

Implementing IT in healthcare makes those formerly tedious procedures shift into a system that can truly put the patient’s needs first.

Looking toward the future

As technology continues to grow by leaps and bounds, the experience for patients and medical professionals should remain on an upward swing as well.

The heart of healthcare is the people who need care.

The most important reason for the improvements is to provide comprehensive care to patients, from their initial visit through whatever else may come in their medical journey.


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