What Are The Advantages of Using Solar Panels In Your Home?
Feb 13, 2018 - 8:47:05 AM

( - The weather is extremely unpredictable. When it rains, it rains heavily. When it is summer, the sun is extremely hot. Temperature extremes caused a rise in the energy consumption, which leads to the increase of electric bill. To significantly lower your energy consumption, you might want to switch from a traditional energy source to solar panels. In this article, we are going to discuss the advantages of installing
solar panels in Connecticut.

  1. Reduce energy bill

A solar panel derives its energy source from the sun. If you have it installed in your house, you will be able to reduce your energy consumption to half. If you completely switch to solar energy, your energy consumption will be free. You don’t need to deal with the huge electric bill every single month. Solar panels draw energy when the sun is up, but even in places where the weather is cloudy, a solar panel can still draw energy. In fact, enough energy to light your house and operate some of the basic electric appliances.

  1. Save a huge amount of money

Energy isn’t cheap. In fact, it is one of the major monthly expenses of every household. The average annual energy expenditure is $3,000 per household. If you are going to switch to solar panel, your energy expenditure will be reduced significantly. In fact, it can be completely free if you totally switch to solar energy. The savings from energy expenditure can be used on other important stuff. You can even save it in the bank for emergency purpose.

  1. A solar panel is environment-friendly

Solar energy is so-called green energy because it is a pure energy from the sun. Through the use of the solar panel, you will be able to take part in reducing the greenhouse gas emission. Traditional energy comes from natural gas and coal and when they are burned to produce electricity, they emit harmful gases. This leads to environmental pollution and global warming.

  1. Increase home’s value

Installing a solar panel in your home can significantly increase your home’s resale value. A home with a solar panel equates to lower electricity cost. Many homebuyers prefer a house with a solar panel over a house without the solar panel.

  1. Solar panels are a perfect investment

Solar panels are worth your money. It is a form of investment because you can save a lot of money from it as time passes by. Solar panel manufacturers include a 25-year warranty for every solar panel. Even after 25 years, you can expect that the solar panel will still be 80% efficient. A high-quality solar panel can last for up to 40 years.

Solar panels are a perfect addition to every home. They can help you save energy, offset the energy cost, and reduce the harmful effect to the environment. A solar panel can be a major purchase considering its expensive price tag but it is certainly worth every penny. Considering the benefits mentioned above, it is just necessary for every home to install a solar panel.


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