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Bent Out of Shape? It’s Probably Time to Ask About the Curve…
Aug 17, 2016 - 9:25:09 AM

( - Throughout my 30+ years as a sports commentator for male dominated sports like football, basketball and auto racing, I've seen thousands of men in their physical prime: cool, confident and thriving in the face of challenge. But as a doctor, I know how these brave men can react when a challenge becomes health-specific or intimate. That confidence and bravado can turn to embarrassment and isolation in the blink of an eye.

Take, for example, Peyronie's disease - or "PD" - an intimate men's health condition that can cause a curve in the penis that may be painful during arousal and/or intimacy. PD is found in men of all ages but is most common in men ages 40 to 70, and it's caused by a buildup of fibrous scar tissue that develops under the skin. And, while the exact cause of PD is unknown, it is believed to be caused by injury in the genital area - maybe even during sex.

As you can imagine, PD can be difficult for the men who experience its effects and may result in physical pain and feelings of low self-esteem and depression - not to mention emotional or relationship problems with their partners.  In fact, in a survey of 245 men with PD, 54 percent reported relationship problems, and 81 percent reported having emotional problems because of their PD.

You may have never heard of PD, but it's more common than you might think - affecting as many as one in 10 men worldwide.  Still, just a fraction of these men are diagnosed, because many may be too uncomfortable to talk about it.

That is why I am working in partnership with Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc. to let men know that there's help out there for them if they think they may have symptoms of this disease - and to encourage those who may be suffering in silence to speak up.

If you think you have PD, it's critical that you face your challenge head on andask about the curve. Talk to a urologist who specializes in men's health conditions about the symptoms you are experiencing. It may seem embarrassing, but it's the first step in getting help.

To find more information and resources, or to identify a urologist in your area, visit  I know from my years as a practicing physician that you won't be the first guy with a personal, intimate issue to seek help.


Jerry Punch, MD, Physician, Broadcast Journalist (Host/Play-by-Play/Reporter)

Jerry Punch, MD, launched his sports casting career elbow-deep in motor oil and behind the wheel of a race car on the short tracks in the Carolinas. Occasionally, Dr. Punch switched seats as acting track announcer, unaware at the time that he would later cover NASCAR races on radio for the Motor Racing Network before moving on to television in what would become a 30+ year career in sports commentating with ESPN. Dr. Punch currently plays a key role in their coverage of college football, basketball as well as ABC's telecast of the Indianapolis 500 and other Verizon IndyCar series events.

In addition to his talent as a nationally-recognized sports announcer, Dr. Punch also spent 14 years as director of emergency room services at a Florida hospital and served two terms as chief of staff. Dr. Punch is highly respected in the sporting world and often called upon for his expertise as an M.D. to discuss and explain sports related injuries. He merges his experience behind the Emergency Department doors with his career as a sports reporter; which allows him to provide both accurate and concise explanations of injury mechanisms and treatment during live sports events, at the track or on the playing field.

Dr. Punch is again combining his unique skillset as a physician and sports commentator, this time in partnership with Endo Pharmaceuticals and international non-profit Men's Health Network, to bring his medical experience to the public to help raise awareness of an important and intimate men's health issue, Peyronie's disease, and to encourage men to ask about the curve.


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