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Lifestyle Author: June M. Lay, M.S. - Lifestyle Columnist - Last Updated: Sep 7, 2017 - 10:06:33 PM

The Anti-Aging Benefit of Dieting!

By June M. Lay, M.S. - Lifestyle Columnist -
Jun 16, 2012 - 10:56:55 AM

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( - Yes I am saying it, dieting has anti-aging benefits! Okay, let me clarify this by explaining that research consistently indicates a positive correlation between caloric restriction and only caloric restriction with an increased life-span! While there is much research to be done in this area with many confounding variables, here's a sample of info taken from a conference on caloric restriction and life expectancy that point to the importance of saving a few calories per day (some studies indicate just a 10% reduction have had effects in small animals increasing their longevity).

"One random controlled study was conducted to investigate the effects of long-term CR (with a good quality diet) on health and longevity in non-obese humans. The control group was fed about 9600 kJ/day, whereas the CR group was fed about 6300 kJ/day (corresponding to a 35% restriction vs. controls). The regimen was maintained for 3 years. The results showed less time in the infirmary (123 days vs. 219 days) and a nonsignificant difference in the death rate (6 vs. 13 deaths) in the CR group vs. controls. This gives a hint that CR may affect lifespan in humans.

In all studies, the physiological effects of CR seen in short-lived animals seem to be present also in primates. For example, CR improved glucose metabolism and altered insulin sensitivity, and influenced the secretion of many hormones and the activity of the sympathetic nervous system. CR also appears to alter the gene-expression profile of cells in the muscle, heart, and brain.

CR is hypothesized to reduce oxidative damage by reducing energy flux and metabolism. The role of oxidative stress in aging is suggested by several observations: First, lifespan is inversely correlated with metabolic rate in a variety of animals, and it is directly correlated to the amount of reactive oxygen species produced; second, over- expression of antioxidative enzymes or activation of defensive mechanisms against oxidative stress retards aging and extends lifespan in some organisms; and third, CR reduces oxidative stress in various species, including mammals".

Basically what the above is stating is that for non-obese individuals in this study, a reduction of 35% in caloric intake resulting in less sick time, reduced deaths although not statistically significant, and the reasons are thought to be related in less stress in our body through less free radicals, improved blood sugar levels, and other hormonal balances related to health. Here's a link to this report published by Medscape General Medicine

In an other report on Health & Aging published by The National Institute on Aging, similar tentative findings are given.

"Calorie restriction studies with humans and other primates, such as monkeys, are ongoing. Some studies in nonhuman primates have shown that calorie restriction reduces the incidence of certain diseases such as cancer. Other studies in primates have not yet reached final conclusions.

Findings of the Comprehensive Assessment of Long-term Effects of Reducing Intake of Energy (CALERIE) pilot study in humans showed that overweight adults who cut their calorie consumption by 20 to 30 percent lowered their fasting insulin levels and core body temperature. Both of these changes correlate with increased longevity in animal models. The lower calorie intake also reduced their risk for major causes of mortality such as heart disease and diabetes".

Here we read about the health benefits of reduced calories to overweight individuals, not just people who are within the desirable weight range. Want to read more, go to

In one last article published in Life Extension Magazine, caloric restriction is reported to be the only longevity strategy leading to a healthier life as well! Again, let's remember this doesn't mean fried foods and cupcakes (Don't shoot me cupcake lovers)! Here's the link to the full article

"A fascinating article published in Scientific American shows how caloric restriction favorably affects the genes that cause us to age and die.1

According to Scientific American, restricting food intake is the only longevity strategy “absolutely proven to work”! The article went further to state that reducing food consumption by only 30-40% can result in not just a longer life, but also a far healthier one".

Okay, moving along, have we ever heard of a diet that doesn't restrict calories? Hence my "The Anti-Aging Benefit to Dieting". But, there is one catch; I am referring to only healthy well-balanced diets!

Speaking of diets, hardly a day goes by when I am not confronted by different popular diets including the well-known low carbohydrate, high protein diet (we all know this one, don't we?), Fast Food Diet, Miracle Diet, Nutrient Equation Type Diet, Hormone Diet, Blood Type Diet, Southern Florida Town Diet and well in fact, let me say unconditionally, I'm personally against all the popular weight loss diets!

Today, what I'd like to say is calories, calories, calories count first regardless of the diet we choose to lose! What does this mean? If we take in less calories than we burn over a period of time we will lose weight. It's that simple. Research backs this up. All diets in some manner restrict our caloric intake (some just disguise it better) leading to weight loss.

All nutrients including protein will be turned into stored body fat when our total calories exceed our total need. Fat and alcohol are the easiest type of calories for the body to store as fat and the most calorically dense. This is why we need to watch our fat and alcohol intake for weight loss. Cutting out or down fat and alcohol without adding lots of food can result in a large decrease in total calories.

What foods are Nutrient dense and calorically low? Ah, we all know, fruits and vegetables, fish and seafood versus red meat, and non fat dairy versus whole milk food products, whole grains, and let's remember this also means cooking with low fat food preparation methods. How else can we restrict a few calories? We can by reducing portions. But this doesn't mean cutting out all foods all the time.

So, perhaps we need to think of a specific way to restrict a few calories everyday because a few cut out here and there not only adds up to weight loss, but to having anti-aging and health benefits!

Here's to the Anti-Aging Benefit of Dieting!

Need some short term "eat -healthier" or "restrict a few pounds" help? Contact me via reply to [email protected] for info on my new Telephonic Health & Weight Loss Coaching program. Individual sessions available as well. My book "It's NOT a Diet, it's Creative Eating!" available at

June M. Lay M.S.
The information included here does not replace a physician's recommendations. Please seek your doctor's approval before beginning a new diet program especially if any pre-existing medical condition exists, or the diet excludes any one food group.

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June is Lifestyle Columnist at

(c) all rights reserved 2012

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