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Sex Do's and Don'ts with a Heart Condition
Feb 11, 2014 - 2:28:51 PM

( - "How soon can I have sex?" would probably be one question that you are most embarrassed to ask your doctor after any operation, injury, medical condition, etc. With February being Heart Health Month, heare are a few  do's and don'ts regarding sexual health for your heart, from general health practitioner, erectile dysfunction expert and founder of, Dr. Muhammad Mirza M.D.



1.       Speak with your partner about the risks involved: It's crucial that whomever you engage with sexually is aware of your heart condition so that there are no unpleasant surprises and so that precautionary measures can be made on their part as well.  Opening up to your partner can also provide you with emotional support and help relieve some of the anxiety you might have about your current health.

2.       Take it slow: Start out with gentle foreplay and intimacy when first experimenting with sex.  There's no rush to perform the way you once did and it's possible that with sufficient time and patience, you'll return to a state of sexual health.  Each body is different, so there's no way of knowing for sure how you'll handle physical activity immediately following a heart condition.

3.       Listen to your body: If you're getting warning signs, don't ignore them.  The slightest bit of dizziness, chest pain, or other unusual symptoms means that you need to stop what you're doing and allow yourself to slow down and rest.


4.       Don't be afraid to consult your doctor: Your primary care physician or cardiologist should have a good understanding of your medical history and your current health status, allowing for a better prognosis of how you should go about engaging in sexual activity. Compose a list of your most pressing questions and concerns to go over during your visit.  If you feel that the advice isn't sufficient or if you feel uncomfortable discussing this topic with your current medical provider, seek medical attention elsewhere.

5.       Don't live your life as though your heart condition doesn't exist: A heart condition has a lasting impact and therefore should not be treated as a simple one time event that you'll be able to immediately bounce back from.  Maintain the mindset that slow and steady wins the race, and gradually build up the strength to become more and more physically active.

6.       Don't avoid having sex altogether: Multiple studies over the years have repeatedly shown the health benefits of sexual activity.  Although having a heart problem can be a scary experience, the heart is strengthened by physical activity, and so avoiding sex entirely isn't recommended any more than immediately indulging in intense exercise.  Take it slow, but don't become stagnant.


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