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Health Tips Author: Paul Roberts Last Updated: Sep 7, 2017 - 10:06:33 PM

Workaday Worries: Why Your Job Could Be Making You Sick

By Paul Roberts
Dec 2, 2015 - 8:53:59 AM

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( - We all seem to lead incredibly busy lives these days and there often never seems to be enough ours in the day to get things done.

These pressures can lead to work-related stress and this in turn to wreak havoc on your mind and your body. Stress can reveal itself in many forms such as adrenal fatigue for example, and the reality is that your job could actually be making your sick.

Knowing the danger signs and symptoms of stress can help avert potential long-term health issues and your aim should always to try and manage and control any potential problems caused by work-related stress.

Life-expectancy gap

When you look at the results of an actuarial study, it seems that the insurers have identified that white-collar workers live longer than their blue-collar counterparts.

This statistical observation has implications beyond making pension provisions and it does identify the prospect that the kind of work you do is a definite contributory factor towards your potential life-expectancy.

There are numerous factors that contribute to our life expectancy but the fact that many studies come to the conclusion that better-paid jobs and a reduced exposure to potentially harmful workplace conditions will help you to live longer is hardly a surprising conclusion, all things considered.

Evaluating stress in the workplace

Researchers from Harvard Business School were part of a team that carried out extensive analysis of data to establish the effects of stress in the workplace and to try and confirm if better- paid jobs and other factors, are linked with better health outcomes.

In order to calculate the stress levels of a workplace, they looked at issues that employees faced such as the length of their working hours, whether they faced the regular fear of the prospect of being laid off and whether they had access to employer-provided health options.

These are just some of the aspects of a job and the workplace conditions in general that could contrive to make one type of workplace more stressful than another.

The prospect of adrenal fatigue

We don't all have the same attitude towards our job or life in general, and while some of us seem to positively enjoy our job, others simply view it as a necessary means to an end.

Your attitude towards work in general and the type of work you do, will help influence how stressed you feel and how well you are able to cope with the pressures you face on a daily basis.

Adrenal fatigue is a syndrome commonly associated with being subjected to prolonged and intense periods of stress.

The problem with adrenal fatigue in particular is that it does not always reveal itself in any outward or obvious signs of physical illness, but you will often experience feelings of extreme tiredness and consider yourself to be unwell, without really being able to identify why you are suffering in this way.

The effects of adrenal fatigue

If you are suffering with adrenal fatigue, there is little doubt that it could wreak havoc in all aspects of your life, and it could be your job that is contributing to your problems or even the root cause that triggered the reaction in the first place.

When you are suffering from adrenal fatigue, the symptoms of this condition will be severely diminished adrenal gland activity, leading to you feeling so exhausted that you may have difficulty functioning for more than a couple of hours each day.

Adrenal fatigue is the result of your adrenal glands becoming unable to adequately respond to the demands you are placing on your body as a result of stress. Its normal function is to respond to all types of identifiable stress in short bursts, such as emotional, physical or psychological stress brought on by a particularly traumatic incident or situation.

When the stress is repeated and constant, this is when adrenal fatigue becomes a factor, so you can then see why being in a stressful workplace environment on a constant basis can trigger this reaction in some people.

Workplace issues and conditions

A number of key issues and conditions in the workplace have been identified as potentially contributory factors that could result in workers feeling stressed.

Economic insecurity is definitely a common source of stress, if you spend a lot of your time worrying about how safe your job and income are. Long working hours and shift work are also workplace conditions that could lead to stress, as well as a lack of access to health care.

If you face constant stress in your daily working life, it could be storing up a huge health problem such as adrenal fatigue.

Paul Roberts works in health and safety and works at trying to encourage better working practices to reduce the prospect of stress amongst workers. He always appreciates the chance to share his insights online and is a frequent contributor for a number of B2B websites.


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