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Health Tips Author: Staff Editor Last Updated: Oct 10, 2017 - 2:34:56 PM

Improve Your Cell Reception In 10 Simple Steps

By Staff Editor
Oct 10, 2017 - 2:31:13 PM

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( - If your home is like most, you no longer have a landline. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 51 percent of U.S. homes rely on cell phones alone for a telephone connection. So a reliable cellular signal is more crucial than ever.

The Problem

Unfortunately, bad cell reception can happen in urban areas, thanks to all the obstacles that block cell tower signals from reaching your phone. And it can be even worse in rural areas, which make up more than 72 percent of the U.S. land area.

In fact, most cell phone users have used a number of creative ways to make or receive a mobile call, including going outside, standing near a window, finding the one spot in the house with a signal, standing like a statue and even moving like a ninja.

An Answer

If that doesn’t work, you may want to try these 10 signal-boosting tips that cost nothing.

Tips To Improve Your Cell Signal

1. If you’re moving, stop. When you’re stationary, your phone and the network don’t have to constantly adjust for your changing location.

2. If there’s a case on your phone, remove it. A case can block cell signals from reaching your phone’s internal antenna.

3. Don’t block the internal antenna by holding your phone. Try a different hand position to see if reception improves.

4. Go outside or get clear of any obstructions. Building materials block cell signals, so if you’re in a building, go outside to get better reception. If you’re already outside, find an open area such as a plaza or a park.

5. Keep your battery charged up. A low battery can hurt your phone’s ability to get and keep a cell signal.

6. Change your location. If you’re inside, move to another room of the house or into your office corridor. Or move next to a window, where the cell signal may better penetrate the exterior walls. If in a vehicle, try driving a mile down the road.

7. Increase your elevation. By moving to the top floor, you reduce the chance of obstructions blocking the cell signal. If you’re driving, find a high spot and park there.

8. Use the Wi-Fi network. All newer smartphones allow native Wi-Ficalling and texting, which is supported by all major U.S. cell carriers. There are also a bunch of messaging apps now for audio and video calling. Solid Wi-Fi may be a good substitute for a spotty network.

9. Locate the nearest cell tower. When you know where the cell toweris, you know which direction your signal comes from. Then, move to the side of the building nearest the tower. If you’re outside, try to get clear of any signal-blocking obstructions between you and the tower.

10. Try switching from 4G to 3G. Turn off your LTE service. See if you get a better connection with the 3G or even the 2G network.

Learn More

For further ideas on improving your cell signal, you can get the “Ultimate Consumer Guide to Cell Phone Signal Boosters” from the industry leader in cellular signal-boosting technology, weBoost. The company’s cell phone signal boosters and accessories overcome problems of a weak signal by boosting cellular signals by as much as 32 times. For a look at the complete line of proven home, vehicle and business products that work with any carrier and in any location without a subscription fee, go to


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