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How to Spring Clean Your Immune System (Expert Tips)
Apr 11, 2017 - 2:42:10 PM

( - As the seasons change and readers look for ways to refresh their homes and bodies, did you know that there are ways to hit the reset button on the immune system, as well?

Over time, our immune systems are overloaded with toxins from the environment, foods we eat and various lifestyle choices. Without a proper immune system detox, we’re more susceptible to illness or even autoimmune reactions--when our immune systems go haywire and start attacking our own bodies.

Dr. Chad Larson, NMD, DC, CCN, CSCS, Advisor and Consultant on Clinical Consulting Team for Cyrex Laboratories, regularly evaluates patients’ immune systems to detect and monitor autoimmune reactions. He’s rounded up his top 13 tips for eliminating immune system toxins, such as incorporating HIIT workouts, eliminating food sensitivities and evaluating the integrity of the gut barrier.

The full list of Dr. Larson’s tips is below--

How to eliminate immune system toxins:

1. Detect and eliminate food sensitivities

2. Evaluate and treat (if necessary) the integrity of the gut barrier

3. Identify and eliminate exposure to toxins in foods, plastics, thermal receipts, cosmetics/lotions, etc.

4. If symptoms dictate, evaluate for chronic immune activation by pathogenic infection

5. Support the mucosal immune system with vitamin A, vitamin D, fish oils, and probiotics

6. Stay hydrated

7. Manage stress

8. Evaluate and treat (if necessary) adrenal hormone imbalances

9. Avoid sugar-laden foods, fructose, high fructose corn syrup, and a high intake of refined grains

10. Avoid blood sugar fluctuations

11. Practice good sleep habits

12. Avoid sedentary lifestyle

13. Incorporate High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)


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