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How to Balance Childhood Brain Deficiencies
Nov 15, 2012 - 2:26:48 PM

Dr. Robert Melillo Discusses How to Treat Brain Imbalances

( - The brain and body are a reciprocal feedback system with the growth of one dependent upon the functioning of the other and vice versa. However if your child has a brain imbalance, a deficiency in either the right or left brain, the road to recovery often lies in external factors.

Dr. Robert Melillo of the Brain Balance Achievement Centers explains how brain imbalances may be treated by retraining the brain through physical, sensory and cognitive stimulation. “There are many exercises that can help a child strengthen both their mind and body to overcome stimulus deficiencies,” says Dr. Melillo. “Something as simple as making modifications to your daily environment can make a huge impact in the long run.”

For example, Dr. Melillo explains that if your child has shown signs of weakness in academic right-brained activities such as having poor math reasoning or reading comprehension skills, one way to strengthen the brain imbalance is by simply positioning the child to better receive information to their weaker hemisphere, especially at school. “Because information that is received through the left half of both eyes is processed in the right hemisphere, and vice versa, a child with a weaker right hemisphere should sit so their left half of both eyes faces the front of the classroom,” says Dr. Melillo. “This helps the weaker hemisphere receive more information and in turn, builds strength to balance the hemispheres.”

Dr. Robert Melillo M.D. is an internationally known lecturer, author, educator, researcher and clinician specializing in the areas of neurology, rehabilitation, neuropsychology and neurobehavioral disorders in children. He developed Hemispheric Integration Therapy (H.I.T.); a multi-modal approach to the remediation of ADHD, dyslexia, autism, Asperger’s, Tourette’s, learning disabilities and processing disorders along with other neurobehavioral disabilities found in children. Dr. Melillo has been regularly featured on Fox News and has written two books for parents focusing on brain imbalances in children; Disconnected Kids and Reconnected Kids.


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