Create Your Own Bucket List with These Four Easy Steps
Dec 13, 2013 - 4:47:46 PM

( - A movement to become more mindful of how we want to spend our time has prompted a resurgence of "the bucket list." By definition, a bucket list is a record of experiences that an individual hopes to have in his or her lifetime. Items on a bucket list can range from big and aspirational to tiny and even comical; from paying for a child's cleft lip surgery to visiting the White House, to going grape stomping, to shaving a coconut, to hiking Kiliminjaro, the possibilities are truly endless. The beauty of a bucket list is that anyone, no matter what age, level of physical or mental ability or economic means can start a bucket list

Elsa Bailey, aptly nicknamed the "100-year-old whippersnapper", was recently able to check off one of the items on her bucket list: seeing polar bears in their natural habitat. Bailey thought her celebratory ski down the beautiful slopes of Keystone, Colorado, was the extent of her 100th birthday celebration, but boy, was she wrong. An employee of Natural Habitat Adventures, a company that specializes in polar bear tours, heard that Bailey still had not crossed this lifelong wild encounter off her bucket list and decided to orchestrate an incredible surprise trip to Manitoba. With this wish fulfilled, Bailey already has eyes set on her next bucket list experience: a trip to view the geysers at Yellowstone.
Need help getting started on your own bucket list? Consider these tips:

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