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Ways to Eat Healthy During the Holidays
Dec 22, 2017 - 7:05:36 AM

( - A typical holiday meal can pack a whopping number of calories ─ many from fat. These extra holiday calories cause the average American to gain weight between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. But, by making simple changes, holiday meals can be made healthier.

“Most holiday meals are not bad for you if they are prepared properly,” says Alice Bachop, a nurse practitioner at Mayo Clinic Health System. “The trouble arises when fat and sugar are added.”

For example, including large amounts of sugar, butter and cream in recipes negates many of the benefits of healthy foods like squash, potatoes and meat. These additives also make enjoying these foods’ natural flavors more difficult.

Bachop recommends these tips for healthy holiday eating:

You also can make holiday meals healthier by planning ahead, says Bachop. She provides these tips:

“The most important thing is to maintain a positive attitude and feel good about your self- control,” says Bachop. “So eat, drink and be merry this holiday season; just do so in a healthy way.”

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