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Warm Up - What to Serve with Soup
Jan 28, 2014 - 12:00:04 PM

( - This time of year, warm and inviting pots of soups, stews, and chili's are often found simmering on the stove. But what to serve with those easy one-pot meals? For a little something extra try serving them with a scrumptious side of bread to soak up the last drop from your bowl. Or for a low-carb option, pair your soup with a hearty salad, chocked full of wintry nutritious ingredients. The perfect complement to your favorite cool weather meal, you will find yourself going back to these easy accompaniments over and over. Also, check out my Soup-erb Supper Pinterest board for some of my favorite satisfying soup recipes, especially great for feeding a Soup-er Bowl party crowd!

Special Salad: A delightful zesty salad, sure to pair perfectly to your favorite hearty soup - or just about any meal!

Sweet Potato Cornbread: One of Louisiana's finest homegrown ingredients, yams really perk up this cornbread with their natural sweetness.

Stuffed Mozzarella French Bread: Bread with melted cheese hot out of the oven - what's not to love!

- Check out these easy and oh-so-tasty Super Bowl Spread snacks!

- For all the Bread Lovers! My simple Italian Pull Aparts begin with biscuits, and guests will beg for the recipe and ask to make it over and over!

- I couldn't let this month get away from us without sharing with you my MARDI GRAS King Cake made with crescent rolls and cream cheese - MY FAVORITE!

- And the Strawberry Heart Cake is such a cute VALENTINE'S DAY sweet treat for all ages.

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