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The Kids Cook Monday Launches Free Family Dinner Date Newsletter
May 30, 2014 - 10:30:53 AM

( - The Kids Cook Monday is non-profit campaign to encourage parents and kids to start their weeks off right by spending Monday nights cooking and eating together. A recent survey conducted by FGI Research found that nearly 90% of Americans believe that dedicating a day of the week for a "family dinner night" would help people enjoy the benefits of family dinners more frequently.

To help families create and sustain the healthy habit of cooking and eating together at least once a week, The Kids Cook Monday now offers The Family Dinner Date, a free weekly newsletter that delivers a simple vegetarian recipe alongside tips and resources to help create an exciting, educational family dining experience. Recipients will receive a quick recipe that includes plenty of engaging steps for kids, short how-to videos, a weekly cooking tip, fun facts about the recipe's culture or ingredients, a printable nutrition activity for kids and a family dinner conversation starter.

"Teaching children about healthy eating by cooking nutritious foods together at home is one of the best tools we have to combat our pressing health crisis. Research also links regular family meals to healthier body weights for adults and children alike. This newsletter will make it easier than ever for families to enjoy those experiences together," says Diana Rice, The Kids Cook Monday's staff dietitian.

The Family Dinner Date is delivered on Fridays to allow parents time to shop for ingredients over the weekend and start building excitement about the family's upcoming Monday night experience. Sign up here to start the family fun!


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