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Family Health Author: Staff Editor Last Updated: Sep 7, 2017 - 10:06:33 PM

Everyday Good Health: Fighting Fatigue While Strengthening Your Immune System

By Staff Editor
Feb 5, 2016 - 6:46:09 AM

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( - People who feel fatigued and exhausted all day often see their condition as normal considering their workload. They tend to not have access to reliable frames of reference. Unfortunately, this belief can make it hard for them to take action soon enough. In truth, though, fatigue is anything but normal. Exhaustion isn't what people usually feel over the course of a regular busy day. It's important to investigate, find a cause, and then to treat it.

Could it be that you need an immunity boost?

Medical science has researched possible ways to boost the immune system for centuries. Herbal supplements, vitamins and diet improvements have been offered up as ways to help the body effortlessly fight every single infection.

Building a stronger immune system isn't just about staying healthy. It is also about achieving a better quality of life. The stronger one's immune system, the more effortlessly infections are countered. Better health brings greater energy.

While research indicates that various vitamin and mineral supplements can help, there is no definitive product than that one can buy for a guaranteed immunity boost. If you're interested in supplements for your immunity, you should proceed with caution, and with a willingness to try the products available one by one, to see what might work for you.

In general, a responsible diet, a good exercise regimen and a regular sleep routine can greatly help enhance the immunity.

Attempt any one of various natural remedies

The fact that no one clearly defined explanation or treatment exists for most kinds of fatigue means that it does make sense to try natural approaches. Not only do these do no harm, they are likely to work in many cases. A multitude of natural remedies exist, though, and one needs to be patient, giving each approach long enough to work.

You could try treating potential anemia: Whether or not you have bloodwork that reveals a low red blood cell count, it can make sense to change your diet for better oxygen-carrying ability. A diet rich in iron and vitamin C are likely to be helpful. Not only do you want to add fruit and leafy vegetables to your diet, you want to look for supplements, as well. Over-the-counter supplements or anything recommended by a doctor can work well. If you'd like to try a natural home remedy, nettle leaf and dandelion tea sweetened with honey can be particularly helpful -- not to mention pleasant.

Therapy: While it can be hard to believe that talk therapy could ever help with physical tiredness, the connection between the mind and the body is real. It can be tapped to address conditions that prove difficult to help through conventional methods. Cognitive-behavioral therapy and counseling can contribute in multiple ways. Not only is it possible to use these therapeutic approaches as ways to come by a strong commitment to better life habits, it's possible to address undiagnosed depression or other conditions capable of causing perceptions of poor energy.

Try yoga: Nearly any kind of exercise can be a great way to boost mental and physical energy, and to fight fatigue. Yoga, though, can be particularly effective. Studies performed by researchers at the University of Oregon have found that yoga practitioners enjoy a greater sense of energy and well-being.

Try one of the energy super foods: From green tea and oatmeal to bananas, pumpkin seeds, beans, watermelon and yogurt, there are plenty of foods that are linked to a better level of overall energy. These can be a particularly pleasant way to put a little more energy into your system.

Often, improved energy levels can be as much about what you don't do as about what you do. If you have a caffeine habit, nicotine, alcohol or anything else that might cross over into unhealthy levels of use, it could be the reason behind the condition that you experience. Cutting down could help.

Consider the possibility of chronic fatigue syndrome

If your lack of energy is truly unmanageable, you could bring up the possibility of chronic fatigue syndrome with your physician. A complex collection of symptoms with no single test or treatment, it comes with headaches, restless sleep, endless throat inflammations, a poor ability to focus, undefined pain and never-ending exhaustion. It requires in-depth investigation and a treatment system that is built up on a case by case basis. Certain supplements are known to work well for the condition. The extract of the Maca, a root vegetable native to South America, is a particularly popular product. It comes with other benefits, an improved immune system being one of them.

Jane Smith is at nursing school and strives to lead a health life wherever possible. She is interested in natural health and is always reading and researching on this broad topic which inspire her articles.


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