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Do US Families Have To Sacrifice Simple Pleasures Of Their Life to Save for Health Care?
Feb 14, 2017 - 8:46:36 AM

After the inauguration ceremony, a lot of things are changing in the USA as Donald Trump is heading the country as the president. Right from the inauguration day, Donal Trump is in the news for making some of the biggest changes in the preset policies, including the ones related to immigration, health care and many more.

Health Care Costs in USA

Taking the right care of your health and getting the treatment for any ailments is quite expensive in USA. The former president of the country, Barack Obama, introduced a few steps towards making it easier for people to avail the health care services by introducing ObamaCare. However, since the inauguration, Donald Trump can be seen taking he steps towards changing the health care policies related to health insurance premiums and other costs. He also took steps towards dismantling the policies made by Obama including ObamaCare. Consequently, people have been facing a lot of hassles owing to the recent changes made in the policies.

Health Care Survey Conducted by Coupon Dash

After the changes were introduced to the health care policies in the country, the online discounts and vouchers providing website “Coupon Dash” conducted a survey among 1000 families in the USA to know about how they believe the new policies would affect the health care in the country.

Approx. 67% of the survey respondents admitted that they have serious concerns regarding the healthcare policy changes being made by President Trump, while 12% of the people in the survey said that they aren’t sure about whether they have any concerns or not. However, the opinion of about 21% survey respondents was quite different, as they said that they don’t have any concerns or issues.

Some of the issues that were encountered by the people who has concerns about the health care changes in the country include:

· Significant rise in insurance premiums

· Major loss of access to the health care services

· Loss due to ineffectiveness of ObamaCare service

· Increase in social security costs and the debts

· Higher mortality rates because many people would not be able to afford health care

A majority of people is believed that now as the affordability has been impacted by the new policies in the field of healthcare, they would have to make significant sacrifices in their day to day life, so that, they can save the money for their health care needs. By these sacrifices people imply that they would have to reduce the number of times they used to eat out, they might have to give up on purchasing the new electronic gadgets as they would be required to save as much money as possible for the health care needs and about half of the people believe that they might not be able to afford purchasing the new clothes. There were also a high percentage of people who thought that by giving up their vacations or days out, they might be able to contribute some money to their savings account which they are maintaining for unexpected medical emergencies.



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