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Bug Bites and Sting Relief
Jul 19, 2009 - 10:21:54 PM

( - For most people, summertime conjures up images of barbecues, bathing suits and beach going. Unfortunately, the warm weather also means the inevitable arrival of mosquitoes, bees and other insects looking to make a meal out of unsuspecting humans. Until now, the only way to try to alleviate the pain and inflammation of bug bites was by slathering on medicated ointments. The new, reusable Therapik® offers a more convenient, drug-free alternative and has been given FDA clearance for it's intended use.

“Therapik provides quick relief from most common insect bites and stings,” says Ira Carlin of More Power 2 U, the product’s U.S. distributor. “The beauty of this device is that you can take it camping, biking and fishing, pretty much anywhere mosquitoes and bugs might be and not have to worry about stocking up on first aid staples like calamine lotion and cortisone. It can be used again and again – no mess, no fuss.”
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Small, lightweight and battery-powered, Therapik® has been clinically proven to soothe stings and bites from organisms that deliver thermolabile venom and from mosquito saliva containing protein. These proteins cause your skin to release histamines. The type of protein in venom, produced by 20,000 species of insects and sea creatures, can be neutralized with the application of heat by denaturing it. This then stops the skins histamine release that triggered the itch and welts. Using patented technology based on this principle, Therapik® delivers highly concentrated heat to the skin through a small cylindrical opening.

When used as instructed, Therapik® is safe for both adults and children. A simple, non-locking, finger or thumb-activated switch controls the release of heat. Users apply Therapik® to the bite or sting and hold it in place for 20 to 30 seconds, or for as long as it is comfortable. As the heat deactivates the venom and increases localized blood flow, there is a significant reduction in swelling, redness, pain and itching. Therapik® can be re-applied as often as necessary until relief is obtained.

“I usually itch terribly with mosquito bites,” notes Marie King of South Lyon, Michigan. “After I got bitten recently, I used Therapik®. Immediately, the itching stopped, and no welts were present. It was as if I’d never been bitten at all.” The device is also effective against stings and bites from bees, wasps, hornets, black flies, ants, jellyfish, fleas, ticks and even stinging nettle.

Therapik® was field-tested by the North American Fishing Club and The National Home Gardening Club and received Seals of Approval from both organizations.
It retails for $12.95. Anyone can order the device or get more information about the product by visiting Buy Therapik

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