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Exercise Author: Staff Editor Last Updated: Sep 7, 2017 - 10:06:33 PM

Is Exercise Making You Feel Sick?

By Staff Editor
Mar 19, 2014 - 3:02:11 PM

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Popular fitness expert Lisa Lynn reveals what to do

when pollutants and allergens sabotage your workout.

( - We've been cooped up all winter, and now that the weather is warming up it's time to be outside riding bikes, walking, running and playing with the kids. But with the beauty of spring comes the nightmare of allergies. "As a life-long allergy sufferer, I've discovered how using homeopathic eye droplets and other simple habits can help alleviate airborne allergy symptoms so that you don't have to hide indoors," says fitness and nutrition expert Lisa Lynn.

A frequent guest on such popular shows as The Dr. Oz ShowThe Martha Stewart Show, Fox News and Sirius Radio, and a featured author in many health publications including Fitness Magazine, Lynn explains that people can easily be sidelined from exposure to allergens including pollution, mold spores and pollen. " When you're outdoors, your eyes are exposed to allergens that can cause them to burn or feel itchy. They may also get red and watery." Instead of turning to antihistamine drops, which sometimes sting and can aggravate dry eyes - and have a re-bound effect so that you must keep using them - her personal solutions to allergy symptoms include:

  • Be careful about when you exercise. "You may be able to avoid peak exposure to allergens by exercising in the very early morning or after the sun goes down. If you can only exercise in the middle of the day, do it indoors."
  • Use homeopathic eye droplets."Use homeopathic preparations that gently stimulate the body's natural ability to heal itself. I'm a big fan of Similasan Allergy Eye Relief because it contains 100 percent natural active ingredients that help activate your body's defense system. There are no dyes, chemical vasoconstrictors, decongestants or steroids. It doesn't sting, and can be used often without a re-bound effect. There's also a kids' formula, so the whole family can benefit."
  • Shower before going to bed. "Microscopic allergens can get onto your skin, hair and clothes. Wash them off before your head hits the pillow so you're not breathing them in all night long."
  • Wear a hat. "Hats will help keep allergens from attaching to your hair in the first place. As an added bonus, they provide some sun protection."
  • Remember your sunglasses."They'll help to protect your eyes from allergens while you are walking, bike riding or running."
  • Fight allergy fatigue."Fighting foreign invaders such as pollen and dust can be physically draining. Consider adding ribose (aka D-Ribose) to your exercise program. Ribose is a natural sugar that our bodies normally make and use in producing energy molecules (ATP), but we can't save them up. Supplemental ribose can be found in some sports nutrition bars, energy drinks and nutritional supplements. Try to get two to five grams at a time."
  • Add more natural energy sources to your diet."An orange, for example, digests more slowly than a shot of caffeine, giving you a steadier, cleaner energy boost."
  • Drink lots of water."You've probably heard it at least 100 times. Your body needs to be well hydrated to fight off allergies. Drink water before, during and after exercise."
  • Hit the monkey bars."Playground equipment isn't all for the kids.Once you're not dragged down by allergy symptoms, you'll have more energy to let loose and have fun. Monkey bars, for example, help your back by correcting your posture."
  • Exercise indoors. "If your seasonal allergies still get the best of you when you're outside, work out indoors. To make sure you rev up your metabolism, use my Power 30 DVD which gives you a total body workout in less than 40 minutes."

And with your allergy symptoms well managed, Lynn also recommends that you measure your fitness. "Walk for results, don't just mosey. Use a pedometer, or use the timer on your phone to track how long you've been walking. Become a destination walker. Walk to buy your morning coffee, walk to meet friends for lunch. When you walk with a purpose, exercise becomes less of a chore and more just part of your lifestyle."

For additional information about homeopathic allergy relief,


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