Coping with Lack of Medications When You Have a Chronic Disease
Jul 13, 2017 - 2:00:56 PM

( - Have you recently been diagnosed with cancer, high blood pressure or another serious medical condition? One of the first lines of treatment for most diseases is proper medication. The right med and dosage can not only make your disease manageable, it can also save your life. Millions of people in the U.S are uninsured or underinsured and more than that, many can’t afford the medications prescribed to them. Here are a few ways to help manage your healthcare and possibly find a solution to help you gain access to your medications.

Find Generics

Is it difficult or nearly impossible to find a generic drug substitute for your expensive medication? You can use an online pill finder to help you identify the generic names of the meds that you currently take. This helps to circumvent the dependence most folks requiring prescription medicine have on expensive brand-name pharmaceuticals.

Explore Your Healthcare Options

If you’re currently unemployed or you only work part time, you may not have access to an employer’s health insurance plan. This can make it difficult to get an appointment to see a healthcare provider and pay for healthcare services that you need as you deal with a chronic disease such as high blood pressure, kidney disease or asthma. Obtaining your own health insurance is possible, but it can be tricky and complicated. You can start by visiting the federal website during the enrollment period for health insurance marketplace plans. From there, you will enter personal information and provide the necessary documentation to see what health plan you may qualify for. There is an array of private insurance plans and government health plans that will accommodate your income and budget. This is the best place to start to see if you can get coverage for your medical needs.  

Talk With A Hospital Social Worker

Have you recently been diagnosed with cancer? Did you doctor recommend that chemotherapy be a part of your treatment regimen? If so, making sure that you get the proper dosage in a timely manner is essential to treating or even beating the disease. Chemotherapy drugs can run in upwards of thousands of dollars just for one dose. If you get treatment daily or frequently, it can be impossible to pay for chemo drugs out of pocket—especially if your insurance doesn’t cover all of the costs. Start with talking with a hospital or clinic social worker where you are going to be receiving treatment. A social worker in the guest services department has access to special funding and resources that can help you with paying for chemotherapy treatment and office visits. She may be able to also help with other things including:

Seek out the social work department for assistance. If they can’t help you directly, they should put you in contact with someone who can guide you in the right direction.

Obtain A Prescription Drug Plan

If you’re struggling to pay for lifesaving medication such as blood pressure drugs or heart pills, it can be stressful enough to send your vital signs skyrocketing. Rest assured that there are many ways to get help to pay for the meds that will keep you healthy. One thing that can help is a prescription drug plan. These programs can be used in addition to your existing insurance or assistance from social service organizations. They can provide substantial savings on expensive name brand medication that your doctor requires you to be on. You can also utilize pharmacy savings cards as well. They will help you accumulate points and notify you of savings on the prescription pills you already use.


If you’re unable to afford your meds, the first thing you should do is tell your primary care doctor. From there, utilize as many resources as you can to get the savings you deserve for a healthy lifestyle.


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