Does Diet Affect Sinus Issues?
Sep 11, 2013 - 4:14:40 PM

( - Colds and infections that affect sinuses are a nuisance, but they're typically temporary with relief in sight. However, for many individuals, ongoing sinus issues are a lasting problem and surgery isn't always an option or the answer. According to Otolaryngologist Dr. Jordan Pritikin at Chicago Nasal & Sinus Center, it's smart to evaluate diet to see if the foods consumed are affecting sinuses.

"There is often a strong connection between diet and sinus issues," says Dr. Pritikin. "The food you eat can trigger sensitivities that result in a dilation of blood vessels in the nose. This can lead to blocked sinuses."

One food group that is prone to sinus issues is dairy products. According to Dr. Pritikin, dairy is associated with sinus-blocking phlegm and the thick mucus can impair drainage. "People suffering from sinus issues should stay away from dairy. The casein found naturally in dairy products can promote the formation of mucus, makes existing mucus thicker and it may even cause post nasal drip," explains Dr. Pritikin.

To see how diet is affecting sinuses, Dr. Pritikin suggests eliminating certain foods for a three week period and slowly reintroducing them into the diet. "If the issues get better for the period you are not eating dairy and worse once the food is reintroduced, chances are there's a connection to your current diet and sinus issues," continues Dr. Pritikin.

About Dr. Jordan Pritikin

Dr. Jordan Pritikin is a board-certified otolaryngologist at Chicago Nasal & Sinus Center, a private medical practice devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of nasal and sinus disorders. Dr. Pritikin is a Fellow of theAmerican Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery and attended Rush Medical College inChicago, where he was selected to the Alpha Omega Alpha Honors Medical Society. Over the years, Dr. Pritikin has cultivated an interest in Rhinology, focusing his practice on diseases of the nose and sinuses, and has participated in clinical research exploring innovative therapies for chronic sinusitis. He has lectured at local and national meetings, developed informational and training videos demonstrating surgical techniques for the nose and sinuses, and has helped develop and refine instruments designed for sinus surgery. Dr. Pritikin and the Chicago Nasal & Sinus Center offer patients an unparalleled level of service, utilizing state-of-the art technology and innovative treatments while maintaining a thoughtful and caring approach. For more information visit

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