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Make a New Year Resolution You Can Smile About
Jan 9, 2017 - 2:18:55 PM

( - This New Year, stop teeth grinding for good with GrindReliefN! If you’ve been having shoulder pain, neck pain or frequent headaches, Dr. Joe Pelerin, a general dentist, says teeth clenching may be the culprit.

Dr. Pelerin has noticed an uptick of stress problems particularly among young adults in their 20’s and 30’s who are experiencing these pains but do not know why. Many are not aware of the connection between jaw muscles contraction, shoulder and neck pains and how it can travel up to the head causing terrible headaches.

Having experienced the pain of teeth clenching first hand, Dr. Pelerin created GrindReliefN to help stop teeth grinders from ruining their pearly whites and to encourage great oral health. His own experience combined with the daily challenge of treating so many patients afflicted with this malady prompted him to take courses in the area of TMJ, head and neck pain.

Although there were tons of grind guards on the market, most of these oral devices were expensive and performed poorly. After many years of design modification patents, FDA requirements and testing on thousands of patients, he was able to create a mouth guard that was affordable, high-quality and delivered amazing results.

Check out some of GrindReliefN’s awesome features:




This New Year incorporate GrindReliefN into your nightly routine. You’ll be amazed with the results!

Recently, GrindReliefN has been distributed through, Cardinal Health the largest distributor of products into independent pharmacies and a huge leader in the healthcare industry.

Available for $37.99, GrindReliefN can be purchased directly on Amazon,,,, and Kinney Drugs.



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