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Commentary Author: Michele Deck, President of Lamaze International Last Updated: Sep 7, 2017 - 10:06:33 PM

Why Are Home Births on the Rise?

By Michele Deck, President of Lamaze International
Jan 26, 2012 - 12:28:50 PM

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Statement from Michele Deck, President of Lamaze International, in response to the NCHS report, “Trends in Home Births in the United States: 1990-2009”

( - The nearly 30 percent rise in home births may reflect the growing awareness among women of the gap between evidence-based care and the typical care women receive. This trend suggests that women are increasingly interested in taking their maternity choices into their own hands.

The choice for home birth is backed by evidence showing that women with low-risk pregnancies tend to have equal or better outcomes at home than low-risk women who deliver their babies in the hospital. The NCHS report affirms that the risk profile of women delivering at home is lower than those who chose to deliver in the hospital, suggesting that women and their healthcare providers are appropriately considering risk in their decision-making process.

For Lamaze educators, the statistics behind this trend are reflected in the day-to-day interactions that they are having with pregnant moms. More and more often, women are seeking out childbirth information backed by science and recognizing that routine care in the hospital doesn’t always meet their needs. We hear from many moms who have had negative hospital experiences with unnecessary interventions, limited support and poorer than expected outcomes. More moms are considering birthplace options and are ready to push back for the best care for them and their baby.

The drivers behind the decision to give birth at home are apparent. A laboring woman is not subject to routine restrictions or interventions, which can make labor and birth more difficult. At home, pregnant moms can choose their caregivers, invite family and friends for support, wear their own clothes, sleep in their own beds and eat their own food. And, at home, women avoid the risk of hospital-borne infections that are a growing concern in the health community.

With strong research affirming the safety of home birth, the choice is one that pregnant moms and their care providers should make together after evaluating overall health, obstetric history, nutritional status, home environment and social support. After reviewing these key factors, it’s a matter of moms deciding what’s right for them and their baby. Most importantly, Lamaze recommends that wherever women choose to deliver their babies, they advocate for themselves to make sure their care is rooted in the Six Healthy Birth Practices.

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For tips for moms choosing a birth place, see Lamaze’s “Six Tips for Choosing a Birthplace.”

About Lamaze International
Lamaze International promotes a natural, healthy and safe approach to pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting practices. Knowing that pregnancy and childbirth can be demanding on a woman’s body and mind, Lamaze serves as a resource for information about what to expect and what choices are available during the childbearing years. Lamaze education and practices are based on the best and most current medical evidence available. Working closely with their families, health care providers and Lamaze educators, millions of pregnant women have achieved their desired childbirth outcomes using Lamaze practices. The best way to learn about Lamaze’s steps to a safe and healthy birth is to take a class with a Lamaze certified instructor. To find classes in your area, or for more information visit


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