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Children's Health Author: Staff Editor Last Updated: Sep 7, 2017 - 10:06:33 PM

How to Keep Babies Healthy and Safe

By Staff Editor
Aug 11, 2014 - 10:04:07 AM

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( - LONGMONT, CO - (August 11, 2014) Babies face thousands of threats to their health daily, from sharp corners to the common cold. This September is Baby Safety Month and Peter Champe, owner of Baby Comfy Care, has created four products for babies to keep them healthy and safe.

"Infants and toddlers need constant care and attention because they are much more susceptible to illnesses and accidents," affirms Peter Champe, engineer and owner of Baby Comfy Care. "The development process is vital during their first few years of life and we wanted to create safe products to help parents keep their children happy and healthy."

Baby Comfy Care began when Peter Champe realized that there wasn't a nasal aspirator product on the market that helped clear his son's congestion. Champe utilized his engineering skills to create a new nasal aspirator, using the parent's own suction to clear the child's nose. Baby Comfy Care grew to include the following products:

  • Baby Comfy Nose. Baby nasal aspirator uses your own suction to quickly and hygienically remove children's nasal mucus.  Significantly more effective than bulb and battery aspirators because your natural lung suction is so much stronger.  The design of the aspirator eliminates any possibility of contact with mucus and germs.  Insert a tissue into the aspirator as a super absorbent filter. The baby nasal aspirator is available at Walgreens nationwide.
  • Nail Safety Clippers. The flat plastic plate on the bottom pushes baby's skin back out of the way so it will not get cut. Unique ergonomic design makes the Baby Comfy Nail easier to hold and operate when you don't want to make a mistake.
  • Gummi Teething Jewelry. Teething jewelry that looks great on mom.  When your baby is teething, they want and need something to chew on to massage sore gums and help the teeth break through the skin. It is a painful process and chewing on a modulated surface such as the Baby Comfy Gummi relieves teething discomfort. Babies will grab what is available and that is often mom's jewelry, so why not wear it and make it easier for mom and baby.
  • Sun Poncho and Sleeves. The Baby Comfy Sun UPF 50+ Sun poncho eliminates the need for chemical sunscreens at the pool and the beach.  The jury is still out as to how effective sunscreen is, and many pediatricians feel that the chemicals may even be harmful for young children. The sun poncho fits loosely to keep the hot sun off the skin while protecting the torso, shoulders and neck.

"We designed our products to keep children safe and healthy," affirms Champe.

For more information, visit the site at

About Baby Comfy Care

Baby Comfy Care is a Longmont, Colorado-based company that specializes in unique baby care products. Founded by a dad and engineer, their premier product line includes the Baby Comfy Nose nasal aspirator, which is uniquely designed for effectiveness, comfort, and hygiene. The products were designed as real-world solutions to problems that their family encountered with their children. For more information on the company, visit their site at:

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