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Too Sweet: The Not-So-Serious Side to Diabetes
Aug 7, 2014 - 3:48:00 PM

( - After 172,000 injections and finger pricks over the past 20 years, you'd think a Type 1 diabetic wouldn't be in the mood to talk about her chronic disease, but life coach Laura Kronen takes a witty and at times funny approach when discussing how one can succeed, not just in spite of diabetes, but even because of it. Her debut book, Too Sweet: The Not-So-Serious Side to Diabetes, gives empowering advice, insight, and tips to America's 29 million diabetics, encouraging others to live a full and healthy life even when challenged by the highs and lows of a manageable but life-threatening disease

Laura, with humor and insightful compassion, shares chapters on:

Her book also includes a glossary of diabetic lingo and a list of scores of famous and successful diabetics. Referring to herself as "pancreatically challenged," Laura offers a combination of useful information and an emotionally honest but humorous look at living with a chronic disease that afflicts 350 million worldwide.  Whether she encourages diabetics to see dark chocolate as a ‘power food' or jokes about how she has pricked her fingers so often she is not even sure she has fingerprints, Laura keeps it positive.

"The truth is that although diabetes doesn't define me, it has sculpted me into the person that I am today," says Laura. "It's made me tough, both mentally and physically. It has given me credence in knowing that I have control over my body and how it looks and feels. It's taught me discipline and acts as a symbol not for someone who is sick but rather for someone who is healthy and not easily knocked down. It has also made me realize that there is no such thing as failure, and every second of every day is another

opportunity to begin again."

Laura, the founder of a life-affirming coaching service, Be You Only Better, is a successful entrepreneur (named by Inc. as an Entrepreneur of the Year). Earlier in her career she excelled in fashion public relations. She presents a book based on her personal journey of monitoring glucose levels, counting carbohydrates, and injecting insulin.

"Being a diabetic poses many challenges but along the way, when we learn to cope and even thrive, life can truly be lived fully and enjoyably," says Laura. "Once in a blue moon, I sometimes still get bitter and pissy and question why I got this disease. However, then I recover from my funk and consider myself lucky that it's fairly manageable, and that medicine has come a long way since the early twentieth century, or I'd be dead by now."

Laura, who participates in diabetic research studies and volunteers her time to support diabetics groups, educates readers about insulin pumps, glucose meters and tablets, and foods that give diabetics energy boosts. She also shares her perspective on the highs and lows of erratic blood sugar levels. Over the two-year duration of writing her book her blood sugar levels dropped below 50 on 85 occasions and above 200 on 110 occasions.

Though her book specifically addresses diabetics, it has an inspirational message for all of those who suffer from a chronic disease. "Having a disease can empower you," says Laura. "It's all about how you look at things."

Born with a hatred of needles and a love of sweets, Laura shares a wide variety of personal insights relating to the diabetic life. They are often comforting and sometimes embarrassing but always brutally honest. Without reciting dry medical information or harping on scary complications, Too Sweet is all about focusing on the present moment. So if you are craving something uplifting and inspiring, you'll find a new friend in this unique guide, written by someone who has been through it all.

Though many books on diabetes focus on doom and gloom, Laura believes people can relate to her and laugh along with her. "I am a new face of diabetes," she says. "People always look at me and say, ‘Wow, you have diabetes?' That's because it doesn't stop me from anything, looking good, or living a full life."

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