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The Adrenal Reset Diet
Jan 8, 2015 - 8:12:07 PM

( - If you are tired and struggling with your weight, you might be surprised to know that your adrenals hold the key to getting energized and lean. Despite their small size (about the size of a sugar cube) and weight (about the weight of three or four paperclips), the adrenal glands play a vital role in many aspects of your health. Along with controlling a staggering list of important body functions, they control your weight.

Dr. Alan Christianson, a natural endocrinologist, has shown that the growing number of adrenal stressors in modern life can explain the current obesity epidemic, and that resetting the adrenal glands with the right diet and lifestyle changes can provide the cure.

In THE ADRENAL RESET DIET (on sale 12/30/14, Harmony Books, $26.00), Dr. Christianson provides a pioneering plan for optimal function of these small but powerful organs. His plan heals the adrenals by cycling carbohydrates and protein-because when you eat matters as well as what you eat, for proper cortisol control and optimal health and weight. 

Dr. Christianson's patient-tested weight-loss program is the culmination of decades of clinical experience and more than 75,000 patient-care visits. In a study at his clinic, participants on the Adrenal Reset Diet reduced their cortisol levels by more than 50 percent while losing an average of over 2 inches off their waists and 9 pounds in 30 days.

In THE ADRENAL RESET DIET, readers will learn:

·         How to cycle carbohydrates and proteins to achieve lasting fat loss and improved sleep

·         How to tell whether their adrenals are Stressed, Wired and Tired, or Crashed

·         Which adrenal tonics, exercises, and foods are best

·         The clinically proven shakes, juices, and other delicious recipes to use for the reset

·         How to turn off hidden weight-gain triggers with daily detox, circadian repair, and simple breathing exercises

·         An easy 7-day Adrenal Reset Diet eating plan to move their adrenals from surviving to thriving

THE ADRENAL RESET DIET helps readers go from wired and tired to lean and thriving. 


About the Author:

ALAN CHRISTIANSON, NMD, specializes in natural endocrinology with a focus on thyroid disorders. He coauthored The Complete Idiot's Guide to Thyroid Disease and authored Healing Hashimoto's. In between these works, he contributed chapters to the Textbook of Natural Medicine, 9th Edition. In 1997, he founded Integrative Health, a physician group dedicated to helping people with thyroid disease and weight-loss resistance regain their health. He was named a 2011 Top Doctor in Phoenix magazine and has appeared on national TV shows, including The Doctors, Today, and The Insider, as well as in countless leading magazines. When he's not maintaining his busy practice, Dr. Christianson keeps his own adrenal glands healthy with his many hobbies, including mountain unicycling, backpacking, and technical rock climbing. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, with his wife, Kirin, their two children, and his six unicycles.


· On Sale December 30, 2014

Hardcover • $26.00 • ISBN 978-0-8041-4053-9


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